How I Got My First Car & How You Should Get Your First Car

I consider myself one lucky guy as after I graduated from uni and I need to work in town, I can just borrow my father's old car and use it for work/travel. I still remember my father had this Proton SAGA for a very long time since I was 9 (I guess...) and it is still working good for me. Believe it or not, this Proton's air-conditioner always work wonders and able to function properly although the car is very old already.

I gotta admit because of my humble Proton SAGA I get to visit many places and attend numerous events. This Proton somehow contributed a lot in helping me to build my full-time blogger career too. Without this car, I don't think I can attend events on time. Imagine you need to take the public transport and accept overcharge taxi-fares just to go to the city! Unfortunately my house is not near to any LRT and I must have a car with me! I bet some of you guys who like to attend events would like to have own transport to go anywhere you want right?

The only down side of my 15 years old ++ Proton is that it consume more petrol than a new car does. Other than the usual servicing of engine oil, tyres, it is still a good companion for me.

So yeah, if you are a young girl/boy first time looking for a car as your transport, your first car should be the safest car that you can afford. From my experience, I am glad that I have a secondhand car  (in my case, I got this car from my dad) as I don't feel so hurt when I got into a crash. Trust me, even after you graduate from driving school you still need to practice more on the road to become experienced and professional. If you never crush your car before, congratulation as you are one great genius ;p

 Anyway, below are some tips for you if you are looking for your first car:

Let's rock the road with Proton SAGA FLX

1. First or secondhand?

Should your budget be somewhat limited (as is the case with most first-time buyers) you may well have considered a secondhand model. And sure, while there may be a good deal or two out there it’s wise to note that there are many dodgy ones too; and, if you don’t know what to look for (as many first-time buyers don’t), you could end up with a lemon that spends more time in the workshop than on the road.

2. Bye-bye freedom. Bye-bye budget.

But worry not, these days new doesn’t necessarily mean expensive. Indeed, some cars in the market today start from as little as RM38,361 and come with roomy, comfortable interiors, up-to-date technology and many other driver-friendly features once only available on much more expensive models.

The Saga FLX, featuring leather finishing (Saga FLX SE 1.6 only.), class-leading cabin space and Lotus-engineered ride and handling is a good case in point.

PROTON SAGA FLX 1.3 classy looks

3. Calculate the hidden costs.

Now there’s a lot more to buying a car than just making the monthly payments. Fuel is an obvious extra but engine oil needs replacing at regular intervals, as do oil filters, air filters and spark plugs too for optimum performance and safety. You will also need to replace your tyres every two years or so.

Moreover, you certainly can’t overlook the annual road tax, licence fee and possibly the biggest cost of all, insurance, all of which are mandatory, by law. Monthly expenses won’t add up unless you factor these costs into your budget as well.

[Click to enlarge]

I test drived Proton SAGA FLX last year, at Proton Puchong Branch

4. Take a test drive.
Once you’ve narrowed your choices down, it’s really important to take a test drive; no matter how perfect a car appears to be, you won't know for sure until you’ve taken it for a spin. This will also provide the opportunity to grill the salesman for more information on the car.

For example, does it boast 413 litres of boot space and CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission) for silky smooth gearshifts like the Saga FLX? Or (especially important for young and inexperienced drivers), does it, again like the Saga FLX, feature ABS, EBD and airbags as standard?

Make sure you go for a test drive to really feel the power of your dream car before you pay the bill =)

5. Making it yours.
Once you’re satisfied that all your questions have been answered, it’s time to evaluate. Are you getting a great deal for your money or not? If you’re convinced you are, then all that remains is a little paperwork and before you can say Saga FLX you’ll be the proud owner of your very own car; happy with your choice,the price you paid for it and the sound advice that set you on your way.

Exclusive, once-in-a-lifetime offer for first-time car buyers. And it’s absolutely free.

If you’re young, upwardly mobile and thrilled by the thought of replacing your bus pass with your very own set of wheels, then here's something special in store for you.

A RM2,000 rebate or zero servicing charges for a year, zero road tax for 2 years or zero licence renewal fee for 5. Such benefits can currently be enjoyed with purchase of a Saga FLX 1.3 or FLX SE 1.6.

This offers will only last till end of December 2012

If you think that Proton SAGA FLX is your type of car, feel free to visit for more information and check out their latest promo! They have a digital calculator to help you calculate your monthly installment after rebate. Test drive it now!

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