Fear Factor Selebriti Malaysia House Challenge @ Sunway Pyramid. #FearFactorMY

Fear Factor Selebriti Malaysia and House Roadshow Challenge @ Sunway Pyramid
Remember the Fear Factor Selebriti Malaysia & House Roadshow Challenge that I blogged about the other day? Yes I braced myself and get really ready to face any challenges that were prepared for us bloggers. The Fear Factor Challenge was held at Sunway Pyramid and most of the bloggers arrived early in the morning. Well, I was a bit late but not the last nyahaha. 

Here's the fun peeps I met that day playing with my wide-lens for a great group photo!

Daniel Chiam, Ying Ying, Jackie Loi, Joel Wong, Vince Gan, my supporter @ gf

If you prefer to watch my photo stories in motion, just watch the video below:

Fear Factor Malaysia Bloggers Challenge @ Sunway Pyramid

Azlin Reza Azmi, Senior Assistant Vice President, Astro RIA channel - "Just keep calm and shout!"
The Zon Fear Factor challenge is officiated with a speech by this beautiful lady from Astro, Azlin Reza Azmi, Senior Assistant Vice President, Astro RIA channel and she shared about the upcoming reality show that will be on air very soon. This reality show is non-other than Fear Factor Selebriti Malaysia that will be broadcasted on channel Astro RIA starting 29 December 2012, 9PM every Saturday.

Fear Factor Malaysia

Fear Factor Selebriti Malaysia consist of 30 celebrities that form 15 teams (in pair). There are total 13 episodes and they will need to face two challenges in each episode. All the participants must complete the challenges given to them, as long as they fail to face the fear/control themselves, they will be disqualified! So who are the Malaysia celebrity that will able to break through  all challenges? You will need to find it out only at Fear Factor Selebriti Malaysia!

Handsome botak DJ Sugan was the emcee of the day
He was fear of having his photo taken at this close distance haha. I wonder what is the name for the phobia of having his photo taken. Is there a name for it? I've google about it already but it doesn't name as Photophobia (fear of light). oh well, luckily I love to take self-portrait nyahahaha

Warm up before we go to the Fear Factor Zone

First, the emcee get us all to do some warm-up before we face the challenges. Oh well, photo time as it will ease my tension a bit. I was worry about need to eat crawling worms/insect but luckily this didn't happen!

30 bloggers all up for Fear Factor challenges!

Fear Factor Zone Challenge 1 - Find Marbles

In the first challenge, we need to find THREE marbles from this box that contain slimy earthworms hiding inside the wet soil. This one should be the easiest challenge for us all as it was just earthworms and wet soil. However, many of us fail at this round as only 30 seconds were given to find the marbles nicely hidden inside the soil.
It's time for treasure hunt!

While waiting to face the first challenge

Some bloggers are really good at this game!
For example, YingYing manage to find all three marbles within 10 seconds with her sharp eagle eyes! Let see how other participants feel when they finished this challenge.

High 5  with buddies after finish challenge!
Happy face shown immediately when she manage to find the 3rd marbles!! Unfortunately this didn't happen to me as I only managed to find two marbles together with tons of stones... T.T I really thought I could pass this challenge easily as I am not afraid of earthworms/slimy stuff! Maybe 30 seconds is just not enough for me ... Isn't this Fear Factor? Or should I name it Time Factor? Never mind, accept the result and support other to win this game!

My frustrated look when figured out the 3rd "marble" is just a stone...

Contestants watching other doing the next challenge in the dark room
According to the participants who manage to complete all challenges, there are total 4 challenges in Fear Factor Zone @ Sunway Pyramid:
  • Find 3 marbles hidden in the earthworms mud
  • Transfer 5 living frog from one box to another
  • Find 3 Fear Factor flags hidden inside a dark room
  • Find the key hidden under the agitated pythons

Daniel Chiam who went  for Fear Factor challenges twice!

Among all I think the 'find-key-that-hidden-under-phytons' will be the most challenging as most people scared of bitten by real snake.  If not because I need to go back hometown after the challenge, I would have spend my day to join this Fear Factor challenge again with Daniel who did the challenge twice *salute*!

Check out the video below:

Zon Fear Factor - Sunway Pyramid Hari Pertama
 You will able to see our face expression in real life while trying to do all the challenges!

Personalized Fear Factor for participants who manage to complete the first challenge
Since I didn't manage to complete the  first challenge, I didn't get to take this photo and bring it back as memory... Sigh... Everytime I think of this I feel sad ...

She is the girl who completed all four challenges!
Don't ever judge a book by its cover as this cute little girl manage to face the fear and complete all four challenges  prepared at Fear Factor zone!! See that happy smile =)

Dr. Faiz, Alam Wakaka, Zawen, Arja Lee, Azri who are part of Fear Factor Selebriti Malaysia reality show were at Sunway Pyramid too to challenge the audience/fans. There were some games where the participant need to find the key in the aquarium. Living fish inside the fish tank.
Guess where he put the key

Poor fishes need to face the fear of being catch instead

Arja Lee was very naughty by scaring people out there with a rubber snake
There were other celebrities who appeared at Fear Factor Roadshow Challenge on the same day to meet their fans and people who dare to challenge themselves. It was a great opportunity for people to meet their favourite artist at one same place!

Arja Lee - One of the celebrity appear in Fear Factor Selebrity Malaysia

Now I can keep calm and eat after Fear Factor challenges

Mountain Dew drinks were served as well

Astro Go Beyond
While waiting for the winner announcement,  I walk around the booth at Fear Factor zone and supported Astro Go Beyond by liking the FB  page *no...no because the cute lady made me do it*

"We believe that if everyone feels more positive, it can propel us to do greater things. So we invite you to spread the positivity. Starting from yourself by being courteous on the road, to giving out your umbrella to those in need when it rains. Go Beyond yourself and inspire us today! - Astro Go Beyond"
Good to know that I was approached by this girl to join something that's positive and inspire me to keep on trying something that I am afraid to try. Greater things can be achieved by staying positive, so guys remember to 'Look at the brightside' (my blog quote)!!

You need the courage to face the fear of being judge by many people
There was a talent casting going on as well for SAHABAT, I guess Astro was looking for someone talented, not fear of standing on stage and perform the best of himself.  Well, if you ask me to sing on this stage I might need to think twice ;p

Photo session with friends while still waiting for the result announcement

The first Fear Factor challenge that was ready for the public afterwards
While waiting, suddenly something grabbed my attention. A box of lively worms was replaced with the earthworms challenge. They were crawling inside the box and they really stink! This challenge is prepared for the public who want to win awesome prizes! Same as previous challenge, you will need to use your bare hand to search for marbles! If compared with the challenge that bloggers went through just now, this one is actually scarier but easier for me =S Since the marble will still shines and not covered by mud~

PS: Be careful not to crush the worms or the stinky smell will stick onto your hands~

*Stinky worms crawling around your hand*

If you are brave enough, you should really complete just a few challenges as you can win XBOX, iPad Mini, iPhone 5 and many more! Check out Fear Factor Malaysia Facebook page for more photos.

Finally it's time to announce the winners of Fear Factor challenge for Bloggers!!
Congratz to Kifli who won himself a MacBook Pro together with RM1,500 cash!!
Salute to Kifli Malik who managed to complete all 4 challenges in just 48 seconds! He was jumping, cheering and shaking butt with joy when he was announced as the winner hahaha. You really deserve it yo!

Winners of Mac Book Pro, Canon EOS 650D DSLR, the new iPad 64GB

Congratz to all three winners of Fear Factor Home Challenge held at Sunway Pyramid! Kay Wern won the Canon EOS 650D DSLR and Duncan Goh is the winner for the new iPad 64GB.

All blogger participant receive Fear Factor goodie bag as well
All the bloggers who braved themselves for this Fear Factor challenge brought back some goodies as well. Therefore no one went home empty handed. I  am still waiting for the cute Pendrive that contain our video footage ~ Anyway, I hope the event organizer don't give out outdated planner/calendar as it doesn't looks good when one find out. Why the top three prizes so awesome but goodies bag are "expired" stuff? =(

Anyhow, I am glad that I met all the brave bloggers of the day who attend this Fear Factor event and challenge themselves! Once you face the fear, you are a better person today =) Here's a fun group photo that I got before I leave! Cheers to all the brave hearts!

Group photo of us bloggers together with Fear Factor's celebrities
Check out our funny face =D


Here's a fear factor challenge for you
In conjunction with Fear Factor Malaysia, I've thought of this challenge during the event. I challenge you to use your mouth to find the key/something hanging within his fluffy hairs (as shown above).  Not that easy, you will need to do it inside a dark room nyahahaha~

Now, the question is... Would you do it?

For more info about Fear Factor Malaysia - Selebriti Malaysia edition check out Fear Factor Malaysia facebook page and Twitter page - @FearFactorMY. Fear Factor Selebriti Malaysia will start broadcasting on Astro Ria (104) and Mustika HD (134) starting 29 Disember 2012, every Saturday, 9 PM hosted by the handsome Aaron Aziz.

PS: If you are one of the bloggers who joined the FearFactor roadshow challenge, post your blog permalink here after you blogged about this event! =) After all you guys manage to finish more challenges than me and can explain your fear/feeling better =D

Aaron Aziz - Host of Fear Factor Malaysia

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