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Fear Factor Selebriti Malaysia House Challenge @ Sunway Pyramid. #FearFactorMY

Fear Factor Selebriti Malaysia and House Roadshow Challenge @ Sunway Pyramid Remember the Fear Factor Selebriti Malaysia & House Roadshow Challenge that I blogged about the other day? Yes I braced myself and get really ready to face any challenges that were prepared for us bloggers. The Fear Factor Challenge was held at Sunway Pyramid and most of the bloggers arrived early in the morning. Well, I was a bit late but not the last nyahaha.  Here's the fun peeps I met that day playing with my wide-lens for a great group photo! Daniel Chiam, Ying Ying , Jackie Loi , Joel Wong , Vince Gan , my supporter @ gf If you prefer to watch my photo stories in motion, just watch the video below: Fear Factor Malaysia Bloggers Challenge @ Sunway Pyramid Azlin Reza Azmi, Senior Assistant Vice President, Astro RIA channel - "Just keep calm and shout!" The Zon Fear Factor challenge is officiated with a speech by this beautiful lady from Ast

PETRONAS Sentuhan Kasih Programme @ Kampung Wellington. Here's My Story!

Early on a Saturday morning, me and my gf went to KLCC as we bloggers were heading to Kampung Wellington in Manjung, Perak for PETRONAS's 2012 "Program Sentuhan Kasih Deepavali ". Since we woke up as early as 5am, we slept in the bus till we reach Kampung Wellington. Below were photos taken during our trip!! For your information, Program Sentuhan Kasih is a PETRONAS festive CSI programme piloted in 2005 in preparation to celebrate major festivities in Malaysia. This program was initiated to communicate the 'human' side of PETRONAS where staffs are given the opportunity to share the spirit of togetherness and share the festive joy with the underprivileged community.  Since it was well received by the staff and management, PETRONAS decided to make it an annual affair in 2006 and expanded the programme to cover other festivals such as Deepavali, Chinese New Year, Gawai, Tadao Kamaatan and Christmas depending on the locations. As for this year's Deepava