My Nuffnang Story and #NAPBAS 2011

Nuffnang Real Good! Why did I said so?

Back in year 2008 I created a blog just because that was the trend among my friends. Just simply create one for free at Blogger/Wordpress and you can start sharing/ranting on that space. Well my first blog post was really short and random. I wasn't really aware of Nuffnang until one day I stumble upon one blog and saw Nuffnang ads that grab my attention. That's when my Nuffnang story begin.

During that time I wasn't really care about how to make more money through Nuffnang. The first thing that attracted me was the FREE Movie Screening that Nuffnang is giving out to bloggers who leave just a comment on NN blog post. So always stay tune at Nuffnang Blog if you want to win movie tickets or other awesome prizes like Olympus Pen Lite Camera. I only started attending NN screenings when I got my first job and own a humble car.

I will always remember my first movie screening with Nuffnang - "The Punisher". That's the first time I met bloggers in real life. I didn't know why I was nervous but it was really great to see awesome bloggers like SixthSeal, KY, Nuffie Robb and many more bloggers!

After that my Nuffnang journey never stopped. I've attended more movie screenings and even huge parties like "Nuffnang Music Bash @ Maison". It was fun to see people dress up according to the theme because it just makes the party look even more fun. You can go and see how bloggers/your friends looked like in 2 years back.

This is my n time cash out

I still remember I was very happy when I received my first cash out & cheque from Nuffnang. It was only RM100++ but I've received more than that by joining and winning the contest co-organized by Nuffnang and their clients. For example KFC Flava Roast Cash Prize, Which Hyundai R U - iPod Touch, and it just continue to increase ;p

PS: Not every contest that I've joined have rewards, sometimes you feel like all your efforts wasted. Don't ever give up on joining more contest because that's how you become better and win!

1st time win Cash prize with friends *happy*

Winning LG Blog Launch Contest has somehow brought my blogging world to the next level. Not only I have won new LG Arena smartphone, I was also invited to be a guest blogger for LG Blog Malaysia and it has been a fun experience. That was the time I thought blogging can also help you to earn extra pocket money if you are capable and special enough to do something different. Hence, I start having my dream to become a full-time blogger.

After putting so much efforts into my blog. Can you imagine how happy I was when I first see 'Sponsored Post' button in my Nuffnang Dashboard? If I didn't remember wrongly it was during the Project Alpha Season 1. Here's my first Video Advertorial from Castrol.

Bad Driver with Nicole MsXeroz
*Do visit her blog and leave comments so she will be back to blogging~!*

Besides that, Nuffnang Glitterati Plus was formed last year and exclusive Nuffnangers manage to attend exclusive events like Johnnie Walker Black Circuit Lounge, Conquer Broga Hill, TimeSquare Themepark outing and many more premiere screenings.

Nuffnang also gave me opportunities in reviewing latest gadget like Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, HTC Cha Cha, Blackberry Smartphone, LG Optimus One, and cameras!!

I usually attend a lot of events to get some blogging materials. From press event, product launches, anniversary celebrations to meet and greet with artist. Gotta appreciate that I manage to use the income through blogging to buy my first DSLR Nikon D90 and now it is still serving me great. Have been taking tons of photos from events, outing, meeting new blogger friends and people including celebrities that has made special appearances. Let see with just an event how many bloggers can I meet?

It is common to see bloggers taking photo with Kenny Sia [Although I was touching his 'stomach']

But not every time you will see me chgallenging KennySia in the same panty hose. This was during Tiger Stand Out Party. Can't imagine how distort my face was but I still remember my sister who really LOL-ed.

I also never imagine that I will be able to cast in a short movie together with Ringo @ Cheeserland. It was kinda surprised when Nuffnang called me up for this opportunity. Watch the video below to see why I was paper tossed straight at the face...

Because of blogging and Nuffnang events, I've met Jojo Struys several times and we somehow became close and involved in meaningful charity event.

It is quite interesting to see how blogging leads to many interesting experience. This photo was taken during MACY's Celebrity Sofa Creations Revealed with Good Cause. It was great to meet and get close with local celebrities and personalities because sometimes I manage to meet my favourite idol. I always feel happy when manage to capture precious moments of them and they like it.

Just like the lovely couple Joey G and Patricia Sue-Lin Knudsen

Thanks to Nuffnang, some of the unforgettable cool events that I've attended including becoming a Johnnie Walker Pit Crew, test driving Volkswagen Polo, VW Golf and VW Scirocco to Kuantan Tanjung Jara Resort, car racing on Sepang International Circuit with Volkswagen Polo GTI. Those are considered once-in-a-life-time experience that I get through blogging!

Just recently, thanks to Proton and Nuffnang again I was able to travel to Singapore for F1 Grand Prix 2011 and watch GD&TOP, Seungri, Linkin Park perform live together with Akiraceo.

Well, I am really happy to have Nuffnang as part of my life because without them my blogging life will be totally different. Imagine no free movie screening, no blogging contest to join, no party and event to attend. Life will be boring right ?! Nowadays many people opened a blog but couldn't last long because they have passion in making fast money online instead of passion of sharing stuff through the internet.

PS: Do stick to one that pay you on time instead of having you rushing them for payment everyday =)

Besides Malaysia, Nuffnang has now 'breed' to 5 more countries including Singapore, philippines, Australia, China and Hong Kong. It shows that the company is growing well and bigger. How could bloggers waste this opportunity of not joining Nuffnang? Wouldn't it be awesome if we can meet bloggers from different countires? Yes? That's why Nuffnang Asia-Pacific Blog Awards [NAPBAS] is back again!

Come 16 December 2011, 500 bloggers from around the Asia-Pacific region will flock to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for the Nuffnang Asia-Pacific Blog Awards 2011 in Putrajaya Marriott. The Awards aims to not only honour the region's best bloggers, but also to bring together blogger communities from across Asia-Pacific. The Nuffnang Asia-Pacific Blog Awards is brought to you by Volkswagen Malaysia and Putrajaya Marriott.

I've missed out NAPBAS 2009 but I don't wanna miss it this year!! If you wanna attend this great event and exclusive Blog Awards after-party at secret location in Kuala Lumpur. Better hurry now and submit your Nuffnang Story! Visit Nuffnang Award Official Website and follow @NAPBAS on Twitter for more details.

PS: Don't visit here if you don't want to see naked me whom somehow won RM 500 cash.Link
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