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Super Cute Kitten-Kitty @ Home

Today my neighbour's kid found this little kitten again ever since the kitten visited neighbour house yesterday. She is still innocent and look so young+cute. First, she was aware with the stranger like me.

That's the curious look wondering what sound was it *camera shutter sound*

Then Kitten-Kitty walk without fear to the shoes/leg #likeaboss

Exploring my furry Crocs shoes too

Not scare of humans, laying down letting us to 'sayang' her #likeaboss

What did she saw?

"When I Grow Up..."
Had a close up photoshoot with Kitten-Kitty by placing her on a chair

I wanna be a lion!! She has cute healthy teeth

"You look familiar, what's your name again?"

Neighbour fed her with milk and fish-cake. So...wanna see more cute photos of Kitten-Kitty? Comments below especially if you never comment before ;p

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