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Have You McValue LUNCH-ed This Week?

Still remember this post that I wrote ?
The No-Vulgar Challenge
This is a challenge between Marccus and Nicole
Me, as a judge for this Non-Vulgar Challenge, need to supervise and responsible for punishment once a person was found to break the rules. He/she will be fine RM 1.00 = USD 0.38 each time ONE vulgar word is release, pronounce, or written. Money will then be donated to McDonald or KFC, donation box.

One day, proof was given by Marccus showing that Nicole wrote vulgar wordS on MSN.
So here come the judge to execute the "punishment".

At last we decided to carry out at McDonald.
Why? Because of their McValue Lunch!
Come on, it is cheaper and this would help decrease her burden too XD

On this sunny afternoon, I asked Nicole to have lunch together @ McDonald (IOI Mall)

It was only 12:15PM but you see the crowd...
ALL queuing for McValue LUNCH!

Luckily their service is fast and we don't need to wait for long.
Guess how much did Nicole donated?~
RM1? RM2 or RM5?

I was surprised that she donated RM 10 as she just break the rules twice.
(Hmm...maybe she covertly said too much vulgar words and feels like want to confess? XD)
There it is! RM10 together with the dibs
Hope it goes to those kids who need the money A.S.A.P. :)
Here goes the punishment by witness the donation~

McDonald has started its McValue LUNCH super deal for a long time and it eventually become favorites of everyone.
For only RM1.20, we can upgrade to large French Fries and large carbonated drink.
As for me I already feel full without the upgrades.
It really worth right? :)

Siti was serving us with a happy smile :)
She wear pink because someone having his birthday party there :)

I bought mine favorite Fillet-O-Fish(RM8.95>>RM5.95) and she bought her Spicy Chicken McDeluxe(RM10.45 >> RM7.95)
Can you see how happy Nicole was? ;p

Maybe this one would be more represent how she feel
I am sure this one showing a girl who reached nirvana after got her first bite ;p

So do I enjoy my Fillet-O-Fish and have a pose ;p

After having my first McValue LUNCH
I kinda get addicted and tried other McValue sets in one week!
The BIG Mac (RM10.10 >> RM7.95)

McChicken (RM9.25 >> RM5.95)

Because of Mc-Value LUNCH
I have more money to buy an extra Sundae for my French-Fries-Dip
You should try it :)
It does tasted good XD

Even Nicole's Swine Swine who is addicted to Broga Hills and have something to say.
Not long ago, Swine Swine went to the top of Broga Hills with us.He can't forget the feeling of being at the top of hills and want to go again.

So, no choice. We bring swine swine to McD to fullfill what he yearn for
In Broga Hill, there are THREE look out point.
1st Stop - Fillet-O-Fish Hill
2nd Stop - BIG Mac Hill
Along the way saw a lot of couchgrass a.k.a. lalang (Which is the French fries)
And finally Swine Swine reached the top of McD Hill!
(Which is a resemble of Broga hill)
Poking a flag to show his pride.
After reaching the top, swine swine felt hungry and wanted to eat fish.

He quickly go down to the Mt. Fillet-O-Fish and had a good rest.
Slurping the refillable Coke while relaxing on the hill.

At last Swine swine can't wait to eat the Fillet-O-Fish
Now he feel satisfy after archive his dream and having his McValue LUNCH
Was trying to grab the burger from Swine swine and that is what he said

Yeah, now McD is still providing McValue LUNCH for everyone!
All McValue Meals come with a medium French Fries and medium carbonated drink.
Not forget to mention that the actual prices range from RM8.95 to RM10.45 per McValue Meal.

Customers are able to enjoy these great offers through McDonald’s superior 24-Hour convenience channels, which include its Drive-Thru, McDelivery and Dine-In services.

So, have you McValue LUNCH-ed this week? XD

Above is a post written specially for McD's Blogger contest(27April - 31May'09)
Thanks to Nicole who bring along her Swine swine, and Ange who is the secret photographer :)
Nicole also has a nice story with her Swine swine :)
Please click >>HERE<<

I am planning to participate their FaceBook contest (14May - 10June'09) too!
This time will let my blog readers help to choose the best out of three :)
I know Nicole's expression is the best, but I just can't do it XD

Here it is - A for Apple
B for Boy
C for Cat

or D for Dog?

Apple, Boy,Cat and Dog
Which one would you choose? XD

Have you joined ruumz? Malaysia 1st own social website aka Malaysia's Facebook v1.08

Thanks to McD I gain RM100 Cash Voucher because of this post =D
Now I can eat McD for FREE~!

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