AIM 18 Song of the Year Award Rectification w Yuna & Anuar Zain

AIM 18 Song of the Year Award Rectification

“Sedetik Lebih”, the song performed by Anuar Zain with the melody and lyrics composed by Edry Abdul Halim has been declared the winner for the ‘Song of the Year’ for the 18th edition of ‘Anugerah Industri Muzik’ (AIM) in place of the song “Penakut” which was performed and composed by Yuna.

The Recording Industry Association of Malaysia (RIM)’s AIM 18 Organising Committee Co-Chairman, Rosmin Hashim informed that due to a misinterpretation of the awards criteria by Ernst & Young - the appointed external auditors for the AIM 18 judging process, the Song of the Year winner was incorrectly announced and awarded during the televised AIM 18 awards show on 12 November 2011 at Stadium Bukit Jalil, Kuala Lumpur.

He added that remedial steps were taken by RIM immediately upon discovery of the unfortunate error and expressed RIM’s sincere gratitude to all the parties involved for being most gracious and cooperative in ensuring that the integrity of the AIM awards was preserved bearing in mind AIM’s objectives to honour local talents and to give due recognition to artistes, musicians, composers, arrangers, record producers and all involved in the Malaysian music industry.

Ahmad Zahirudin bin Abdul Rahim speaking in his capacity as a partner of Ernst & Young said,
“Regrettably, due to a misinterpretation of the award criteria, the winner for the Song of the Year as announced at the AIM 18 event held on 12 November 2011 was incorrect.

“Penakut” by Yuna, was erroneously determined to be the winner of the Song of the Year category based on the highest score awarded by judges to the 20 songs comprising the top five nominees for the sub-category awards for Best Pop Song, Best Rock Song, Best Ethnic Pop Song and Best Nasyid Song.

According to the criteria as set by RIM, the winning Song of the Year must be one of the four sub-category award winners.

On this basis, the winning Song of the Year for AIM 18 should have been “Sedetik Lebih” by Anuar Zain.

We would like to record our sincere apologies for any difficulties that may have been caused.”
Yuna & Rosmin @ AIM 18 Song of the Year award rectification

Yuna who also won the ‘Best Vocal Performance in A Song (Female)’ Award as well as the ‘International Award’ (‘Anugerah Kembara’ - in recognition of her achievements for promoting Malaysian compositions in the international arena) said, “Though this is not something expected, I appreciate that the AIM organisers are trying to do what is right. It is a legitimate expectation of all award winners to be treated fairly and I would like to extend my heartiest congratulations to Anuar Zain and Edry Abdul Halim”.
Anuar Zain (who also won the ‘Best Vocal Performance in A Song (Male)’ and the ‘Best Pop Song’ Awards) and Edry Abdul Halim (who shared the ‘Best Pop Song’ Award as the composer and lyricist of “Sedetik Lebih”) jointly said, “We are very proud of Yuna and what she has achieved both locally and abroad as a fellow performer and songwriter, and would like to emphasize that no one should take any credit away from her. We would also like to express our appreciation for this Song of the Year Award.”

Rosmin Hashim concluded by saying:
“We would like to stress that this award rectification should in no way detract from Yuna’s fantastic achievements to date and as Malaysia’s collective recording industry association, RIM is very proud of what she has accomplished as a Malaysian artiste and songwriter to date and will definitely continue to support her and all others in the music industry. Full credit must also be given to our Malaysian music icons, Anuar Zain and Edry Abdul Halim for “Sedetik Lebih” winning the Song of the Year Award.

As announced at the post AIM media conference on 12 November 2011, RIM will be organising an open AIM forum at 3 pm on 6 December 2011 at the Royale Chulan Kuala Lumpur Hotel for members of the music industry and the entertainment media to provide comments and feedback on AIM with a view to improvements moving forward. It is our sincere hope that all parties will continue to support and contribute to the development of the Malaysian music industry.”

I can't imagine how it feels when the "Lagu Terbaik" award that Yuna have received need to be pull back due to unforeseen circumstances. It is not a mistake that suppose to be happen but I guess AIM and Ernst & Young are trying their best to make everything at the least damage.

"You see I am better, faster & stronger"
Captured during Twin Towers @live KL 2011 Concert

"Thank you RIM again for the other two AIM awards.. The babies and I would like to say thanks! hehe" - Yuna

I guess Yuna is quite professional and humble in handling this issue. At least she is stronger now. I am a fans of YunaMusic and totally support potential artist like her =) If you like her music, follow @yunamusic on Twitter!

What do you think about this AIM18 incident? Do you think Yuna deserve to win this award? Why/Why not?

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