Astro B.yond IPTV Hollywood & Celebrities Party @ Solaris Mont Kiara

Harlo people this is 'Blue-Smurf-couple' at Astro B.yond IPTV Hollywood & celebrities Party @ Astro IPTV Concept Store, Mont Kiara. Actually we want to dress as Nigel Barker with wife but sigh... I don't wanna shave bald so ... ends up we are a sweet couple with blue outfit. People say why we didn't dress up but I was wearing a new blue checkered shirt! Bet not much people know it hahaha.

The party was held at Astro B.yond IPTV Concept Store in Solaris Mont Kiara. We saw people who dressed up nicely.

Spot the fun celebrities who arrived!! *Happy faces*

Imagine Princess Leia calling Luke Skywalker by using an iPhone.
Let see who else arrived as couple or in pair

Pregnant Beyonce and husband arrived

Saiful and Ruby!

Haze draw the tattoo for KY and I like the little bottle she's holding. It add marks to her outfit =)

Audrey @ Fourfeetnine and her friend BoBo

Another picture with Audrey and Salt agent =)
She has a gun and I have flash gun! Wahaha

I also met LMFAO with his tight pant hahaha
Super matching with 'Sexy and I know it'

Captain America @ TehTarikMemoirs and sweet partner Peggy Carter @ Miss Ave
Perfect matching outfit for sure =)

Kimberly is always creative by creating her own outfit

X-Men couple Storm and Wolverine yo~! [Michelle with Nicholas]
Wolverine somehow looks like Dennis Lau the violinist too haha

More and more bloggers arrived! We were given a sticker to write slogan regarding Astro B.yond IPTV because best slogan will win a prize!!

iPad2 that's gonna own by the best slogan!!

It was our pleasure to have Eric Foo,Vice President of IPTV Sales & New Media Business explain the difference between Astro Satelite Broadvast vs Astro B.yond IPTV.
  • High-speed Fibre Broadband - Up to 30Mbps with unlimited downloads
  • Video On Demand [VOD] - New interative service that lets you select programmes from a library for viewing at any time.
  • Personal Video Recorder [PVR] - Record 2 programmes simultaneously, record up to 300 hours, record 7 days in advance
  • High Definition - With HD, TV viewers enjoy sharper, brighter and more colourful images and 5.1 Dolby Digital surround sound
  • Voice - 10 sen/min for local calls and to 10 countries

Astro B.yond IPTV is equipped with a HD and PVR enabled box, HDMI cable, Wi-Fi Router modem, and Astro Smartcard, and a remote control. These are the gadget that give you wonderful viewing experience. Fibre optic cables are powered by TIME and you can have 4 different broadband packages ranging from RM128 - RM298.

I've tried out their High-speed Fibre Broadband intheir IPTV concept store and the Mac load YouTube with extremely fast speed!! I can just drag the button to where I want to load and it runs instantly in HD mode. Even my blog that is full of pictures load finish within just a few seconds! Awesome!! =D

You can also compare and see the difference between HD and non-HD TV show.

We then went into the theater room to watch the legendary 3D movie Avatar. Sharper, brighter, more colourful images and 5.1 Dolby Digital surround sound with their theater system. The most awesome viewing experience I ever had =) It makes me wanna own both Astro IPTV with the great home theater system.

Even Chewie also came into this room to cool himself in that hot suit enjoy the movie

By the way, meet Poison Ivy @ Karen Mayer, JoshuaOng and MimiPie

Eric Foo - Vice President, IPTV Sales & New Media Business did an opening speech before the event started with buffet dinner.
"Astro B.yond IPTV is the one and only line you'll ever need"

We then have our dinner just beside Astro B.yond IPTV Concept Store.

After that here comes the game ‘Who Kidnapped Kak Limah’ that made some of us sweat like chicken and leg pain especially for ladies who wear high heels! The participants were supposed to find out who kidnapped Kak Limah by asking the suspects a few questions!

This time bloggers were all so eager to get the right answer as soon as possible because we are competing in a group!

I was in the same group with Sook Ting , Jess Lee, Sharon, and Wern. They are all walking/working very hard to collect the correct answers.

Here's one of the 'suspect' we were questioning. *Thanks for posing* =)

Since I am the only guy in that team, I was asked to run to the PopCorn zone to find Adam and tell the correct answer. Poor teammates who were walking slowly there with almost-sprain- legs-on-high-heels.

Here's an appreciation shoot for them who walked+ worked so hard

Everyone was chasing Adam because we all wanna be the first one to give him the correct answer.

Pass the Popcorn Astro Movie Pack

A lady was passing us popcorn because that was part of the campaign featuring the best of Hollywood including animated favourites like "'Despicable Me", " How to Train your Dragon", as well as favourite TV series in "True Blood: Season 4" and "Game of Thrones: Season 1"

You can now hunt for nationwide roadshow and participate in an on-site competition to win a trip to Singapore, Hong Kong, or Gold Coast for a family of four. Check out for more details on the roadshows and the movie line-up for November and December.

Bloggers occupied the roadshow area decorated with Halloween stuff together with "Pass the Popcorn". The moment we bloggers socialize with each other and took bunch of photos! Some of us already enjoying the Astro B.yond IPTV show there. *chewing popcorn and licking cotton candy*

Here's the winning team who solved the Kak Limah case in speed of time. The correct answer for the game is: It was Mary-Kate Olsen who kidnapped Kak Limah with a hula hoop at Chilla Cup!

Congratz them for winning Jusco RM500 Gift Vouchers!

Later then, Adam and Eric announcing the Best Slogan iPad2 winner.... *drumrolls*

Congratz to Green Hornet @ SamuelChew! He was one of the best dressed finalist too~

Announcing the finalist of best Dressed Male and Female Bloggers!
Female: Marilyn Monroe, Minnie Mouse, Peggy Carter, Marilyn Manson's Gf and Britney Spear
Male: Elton John, Marilyn Manson, Captain America, Lady Gaga

Astro B.yond IPTV Best Dressed Female - Peggy Carter

*Drumrolls... when announcing Best Dressed Male*

The happiness of a winner =)

Astro B.yond IPTV Best Dressed Male - Lady Gaga
He really deserved it because he was dare enough to cross dress as Lady Gaga with the glimmering outfit. Read his blog to know how much effort was used to look for the best outfit.

The RAWR winning pose from Astro B.yond IPTV Best Dressed Male - Lady Gaga

So next time if I wanna win who should I cross dress as? JUST KIDDING!

The party has come to an end and it is time for me to snap more photos with the bloggers and Nuffies.


On this Halloween night, Jess manage to find a boyfriend name Boney

Later then we found Dwayne The Rock Johnson

Anita dressed as Angelina Jolie

People say you can't recognize people behind a mask and it is true! I couldn't recognize Sha at first sight because of his Captain America suit ;p Hi-aye Captain America @ TehTarikMemoirs!

PitBull @ Nicholas

Another picture with Jestina

A group photos of the work-hard-play-hard Nuffies!
Tons of new crews in Nuffnang where I am trying to remember all the faces~!
Looking forward for Nufnang Awards 2011 =)

Fresh asked me to shoot some portrait photos since she dressed up as catwoman.
The result? see below!

Caption are based on own creativity/randomness
PS: Fresh is a very good girl and I just made her show her wild side haha

Since that day is Halloween, not only us who dressed up nicely =)
She and her parent were cool enough to have her picture taken~

Astro B.yond IPTV is the perfect home solution because it caters not only to your digital needs, but also to the connected lifestyle of your entire family. With Astro B.yond IPTV Service, you'll never have to fight for the remote with your brother/sister/mother/father/grandpa/grandma ever again!! For more information, visit

It is great to see familiar and new faces at the party but too bad I didn't manage to take photos with everyone. For those who attended the party, hope you guys enjoyed it and remember you are still in the running to win one of two Blue-Ray home theater system!! Do feel free to post your post-party blog link below this post so I can drop by okay? =)

PS: Uploaded the photos to Facebook Page and feel free to share it and tag your friends =D No doubt I have some potential to be Nigel Barker right? Wahaha

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