OktoberFest @ Patio Bar & Lounge, Genting Highlands

"Harlo pretty and handsome. Welcome to TianChad.com for OktoberFest!"

About Oktoberfest
"In 1810, Oktoberfest started as a wedding celebration of Crown Prince Ludwig and Princess Therese of Saxe-Hildburghausen. Over the years it has now evolved to become a festival celebrated by beer lovers all over the world as well as an occasion where friends and families get together to enjoy the best beers brewed by local breweries."

On a weekend morning me and Wern took the Genting Bus at 1Utama and then cable car to Genting Highlands. The cable car station was a bit crowded but it wass fast enough for us to get on one. Wern was really nervous when she was in the cable car huhu~

The weather was just cool-but-not-cold at Genting Highlands. It is still better than I am sweating in my house during the hot season.

Went to had lunch at "好友记快餐" and paid our food using Resort World Genting Holiday Card. The food was just so-so and menu always look more attractive than the actual one...~

Dear Resort World Genting, please do quality control =)

Later then we went to the flower garden nearby the Outdoor Theme park and these are what I saw and snapped. Try to spot the tortoise who living in the pond when you visit there ya=)

Later then we went to the bus station because the sky was raining and we manage to chill ourselves there~ Did a random photoshoot for Wern =3

The dog was looking for food in the cold weather but hardly found any...

Mist + drizzling + nature = Surprised with a birdy
That bird looks really cute and adorable!
Thanks to Nikon 70-200mm zoom lens or else I won't be able to capture this

When rain stopped we went to the open space beside Genting Outdoor Themepark where you can have Superman Ride here. Spotted happy kids and parents =)

Too bad the sky start drizzling again...

Went to meet up with Sidney to get our room key and we were surprised to see this spacious World Club room at Level 27th of First World Hotel! Two single beds with huge bathroom including a bath tub. There is a small living room with sofa too. Thanks for the comfortable room =D

After having enough rest it is time for us to visit Patio Bar & Lounge Genting Highlands. You will have to cross this bridge to reach Patio Bar.

Guinness Anchor Berhad (GAB), the leading beer and stout company in Malaysia, returned in its fourth year running of the annual Oktoberfest festival in Malaysia, with a bigger selection of iconic beers which include one of the official Munich Oktoberfest beers, Paulaner Oktoberfest Bier, as well as plenty of fun-filled and exciting parties, special promotions and events throughout the month of October.

Special performance awaiting us for OktoberFest. Nice stage lighting~

People were enjoying the live broadcast of football match
Manchester United vs Liverpool

Tons of sausages resemble OktoberFest. I like the chicken dish the most.

XiangCool with his food and huge glass of beer!

Beer lovers attending the GAB Oktoberfest party at Patio Bar & Lounge, Genting Highlands were treated to not just one, but two nights of fun-packed activities, an array of delectable German-infused food and a vast selection of beers such as the award-winning Tiger, Guinness, Heineken, Anchor, Kilkenny, Strongbow and Paulaner.

ChasingFoodDreams with her naughty kid
*I believe I was even more naughty than him at that age*

Sharon and Raymond with happy-mini-smiling-eyes haha

The OktoberFest Oom-pah Band performance begin!

Besides the traditional Oom-pah Band performance, other traditional German games such as the Chicken Dance, yodeling, and “Masskrugstemmen” – the beer stein holding competition, kept the crowd highly entertained throughout the night. Patrons were seen enjoying themselves while toasting loudly to the traditional Oktoberfest cheer “Eins, zwei, drei, g'suffa; Zicke-Zacke-Zicke-Zacke Hoy, Hoy, Hoy!”

Group dance where we enjoyed the most with the huge glass of beer~

Sweet smile from OktoberFest Bavarian beer hostesses dancer *cheers*

The leader of OktoberFest Band getting us out from our seat to do the Chicken Dance together

"Left, right, up & down"
"Forward, backward up and down"

The fun Chicken Dance moment!

Raymond was 'Paiseh' dancing with Bavarian beer hostesses haha

Ooo here comes the mini-contest where the girl need to be the fastest to finish the long sausage to win mystery prizes of OktoberFest. Guess who has the winning look? ;p

Salute her for finished the sausage in shortest time and she won OktoberFest Limited Edition Merchandise including the hat. I can see her enjoying her sausage too haha

Later then it was guys turn and everyone thought it would be a different game. Too bad the guy also need to swallow the sausages too. The guy in the middle is officially a 'SAUSAGES-CRUSHER'! He split crush the sausages into 4 portions (or even more) but too bad it didn't help him win. Salute their spirit in finishing the sausages!

Oktoberfest special beers – Paulaner Oktoberfest Bier, Hopf Ice Wheat Beer and 111 Zwickl Beer. Aside from that, consumers can expect the full Oktoberfest celebration experience with the showcase of German-styled food, Oktoberfest games and dance, the traditional Oom-pah band and the appearances of Bavarian beer hostesses.

Paulaner is sweet and easy to down with but the Hopf and 111 is just too bitter =S

In addition to these selected outlet events, other outlets across the nation will run their own Oktoberfest celebration events, making this year’s celebrations more accessible to all beer lovers in Malaysia.

Last but not least, cheers!!!
We did had fun and I learned new dance and new way to enjoy our beer~

Besides, with every purchase of a 1L stein of Tiger beer, consumers are entitled to take home a limited edition GAB Oktoberfest 1L stein mugs. Everyone of us had one to treasure =)


The next day after OktoberFest we had breakfast at 28th Floor of First World Hotel
Sleeping late and woke up late too. Thanks to the comfortable bed at WorldClub Suite @ First World Hotel.

Here's XiangCool with his freshen up and straighten-up-hairs hahaha
Xiang and Wern like the steamed buns and I have no special preference because I 'wallop' almost everything

A picture of us before leaving Genting Highlands. Thanks Xiang for fetching us back to One Utama =D Appreciate!

Dropped by at '益记酒家 @ Yik Kee Restaurant' at Gohtong Jaya for their freshly baked Durian Puff. If you like Durian you will like them very much. Thanks Xiang for recommending =)

For more information on GAB Oktoberfest celebration parties and promotions, kindly visit OktoberFest Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/OktoberfestMY.

PS: All above pictures were snapped using Nikon D5100 with 18-105mm Zoom lens and 70-200mm Zoom lens. It is lighter when compared with Nikon D90 and the shutter sound is less obvious too. The best thing about Nikon D5100 is the flip screen where you can self-record video and make sure you are within the frame and in focus. I choose to use manual focus because it create noise while auto-focusing during recording. [Now Nikon V1 don't have this issue and its focusing really fast and awesome!]

The D5100 has the vari-angle screen which is very useful to shoot from everywhere you want to. For example, you can do good floor shots without needing to lie down on the floor. The same theory applies to sky-view shots too.

Stay tune at this space for video recorded using Nikon D5100. Before that, let me show you a video creation using Nikon D5100:

Fragments from Nikon France

OktoberFest @ Patio Bar and Lounge Genting Highlands
[Video recorded using Nikon D5100]

Read more about OktoberFest @ Patio Bar & Lounge:

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