Special Video for My Selangor Story. Sequel?

My Selangor Story, a one week trip that I miss ever since the first day I am back at home. So here is a special post to summarize all my stories in one post with one special video. Before that video, let see what and where I've been during the trip kay?

Arrived at Subang Airport Terminal welcomed by Firefly Lady's BIG Smile. Some blogger are fortunate enough to experience their flight. After everyone is there we check in to Carlton Holiday Hotel. [Read here]

This is the place we had dinner @ iCity Shah Alam. In the middle of the Digital City!
Don't know how to go there? Check this post.

Had lots of photo including videos taken at this place. Read them here & here.

Then at night went to Uptown Shah Alam Night Bazaar for an open eye experiences especially the exotic pets shop. [Read here]

The next day, we visited Royal Selangor Visitor Centre.

Graduated from the School of Hard Knock with my own pewter bowl labeled with TianChad.com.
*bangga gila wahaha*

Receiving the cert from Datin Paduka Chen Mun Kuen (same surname =D) after listen to the history of Royal Selangor & The Melon.
[Read the story here]

Went to Genting Highlands to have lunch with Dato' Anthony Yeo, YB Elizabeth Chua and friendly Genting PR personnel for My Selangor Story =) [Read Here]

Had fun at both Genting Indoor/Outdoor Themepark and was hoping to have longer time to spend in the park. See my video recorded during roller coaster ride~!

Can't forget this Duo Presto Quick Change Act that can change their cloth in just seconds~! [Read here]

Droped by @ Chin Swee Temple to have a short visit and found out that Buddha do grow hair ;p

The 7 Levels Kanching Forest Waterfall where you can do monkey photo shoots as easy as blink your eye. They are everywhere!

Went to Dorani Homestay and learned their traditional culture dance called Kuda kepang Dance. Had a friendly foster parents and sleep without needs to worry about mosquito attack.

My night was amazed by the Fireflies @ Kuala Selangor. Ever seen fireflies make a stars on the tree instead of in the sky~?


Before leaving Dorani Homestay, glad that I woke up early to stay besides the paddy field just beside the house. Super duper awesome nature view I can say~! Saw the morning dews~? [Read here]

Then we head to Sunway Pyramid and had fun taking pictures in that huge shopping mall with well decorated concourse hall.

Want see more picture of Sunway Pyramid the shopping mall of Egypt in Selangor? [Read here]

Found Amber Chia (her portrait) in the semen donating room of Tropicana Medical Centre. A place to make your family more complete with babies. If you want to know how is their facilities, visit here.

Went to Sunway Lagoon with all the bloggers and that's the time I make full use of Pentax's Water Proof Camera. Read it here~!

Did my first bungy jump in life and No. 66 is my lucky number~! Don't miss out the video I touched the water when I did the jump!

At night we had the awesome dinner at Haven Restaurant. Can you imagine these lobsters are just appetizer for us~? [Read Here]

That night is the night we say good bye and hereby I recorded a video just to remember you guys in moving pictures. I am always quiet when I am new to the environment, but I do appreciate each and everyone of you who appear in my life and my photos. Hope you guys like it.

Want to know how My Selangor Story end? What is it about this picture? Ready my Day 6 post here then =)

If you like to support me for this My Selangor Story Blogging Contest, please vote for me by commenting on the blog post(s) and give 5 loves as votes through the links below kay? Not forcing you to do so but your support are definitely appreciated~! If win can organize more giveaway also. Nice? =D

Day 1 : Firefly, iCity & Uptown Shah Alam [Vote Here]
Day 2a: Royal Selangor Knock Knock [Vote Here]
Day 2b: Cooling Genting Themepark + Dazzle Show [Vote Here]
Day 3 : ChinSweeTemple + KanChing Waterfall + Fireflies [Vote Here]
Day 4 : Paddy Fields @ Dorani Homestay + Sunway Pyramid [Vote Here]
Day 5a: Happy Tropicana Medical Centre [Vote Here]
Day 5b: Bungy @ Sunway Lagoon, Galore @ Haven [Vote Here]
Day 6 : Time to say Goodbye [Vote Here]

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