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TC's Blogging Tips #Lesson 1

What makes your blog in point of attention?

  1. Don't ever put Music Autoplay. Most people already switched on their music player. while reading blogs. Imagine when you have open many tabs of blog to read and some of them are playing other song. Which one you need to close? It is good to share music, but just don't let it Autoplay.
  2. Avoid long blog URL. It is good to have a short and simple blog url instead of something like this - www.iguessihavethelongestblogurlever.blogspot.com. How people would remember that url? You don't expect your friend will type this url whenever they want to visit your blog right?
  3. Choose an easy, recognizable name for your blog. Some people (like me) tends to remember you through your blog/website URL. So be careful and think twice before you decided to get a domain name that last forever.
  4. No super lengthy post. Never write your blog post too long as most people only stay around 1 minutes to read your blog. I did these before and the results turns out that people will just scroll down scan for important points. Usually they won't leave any comment because of that. [unless your blog post is bloody interesting]
  5. Don't have a dull blog without pictures. If you can't write a short post but full with words, try to put some related and attractive photos. This will attract them and make your visitor stay longer.
  6. No rainbow colors on every text. Try not to put your efforts to color every words in your blogpost. Colourful is good, but not when people try to read it in short time.
  7. Leave your comments at blog post comment section but not the CBOX. At least your comment still can be tracked/backlink on the comment section while CBOX won't =) And...Cbox is for chat.
Are they useful? You can get more blogging tips by follow this tag "Blogging Tips".If you think you have better blogging tips. Do comment/share here! Let see when I will publish TC's Blogging Tips #Lesson 2.

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