AmBank Inspector ATM Launch @ Taylor's Lakeside Campus

Ambank Inspector ATM Launch
Date: 28 Oct 2010
Time: 2pm
Venue: Taylors Lakeside Campus, Lecture Hall 12

Arrived at Taylor's Lakeside campus and found that the parking space is definitely not enough. Parked so far because that's the only place have more parking lot. We bloggers had a briefing by one of the Ambank Staff Miss Khadijah about Ambank Inspector ATM.

While we waiting for the event to start, that's the time bloggers mingle around ;p
Curious Nicholas wanna know more about what we are talking haha

Mr. Brad Gravell, Chief General Manager, Transformation, Sales & Channels of AmBank (M) Berhad) share with us about how social media (eg. Facebook) impact the way Malaysia Citizen live.

Since the main focus of this campaign s for youth. 76% of all Malaysia Facebook users aged between 18-44 years old. AmBank Inspector ATM was launched on Facebook to reach the widest range of network.

Besides that Mr. Brad Gravell share on how we play the Facebook game to win awesome prizes =)
Instruction on how to participate in this contest. So basically you justneed to do any kind of transaction using Ambank ATM Machine in 7 Eleven. I guess even by just checking the money balance of your bank account also counted. Cos all you need is transaction history with a serial number.

Attractive prizes for you to win~! Grand prize winner can get both iPad and iPhone 4. Isn't it great? No worries as there are tons of weekly prizes too! Even voters also can have prizes =D

All the VIPs launched this Facebook contest by touching the ball.

Press Conference after the slide presentation.
[L to R: Mr. Loy Teik Inn, Ybhg Datuk Mahdi Morad, Mr. Brad Gravell, Mr. Michael Goh.]

A question that Henry asked was:
Q: Security measures is very important, so how do Ambank convince customers to make their transaction at 7-11, since they are expanding widely at 7-11.

A: 7-11 would be a safe place as it have security measures like CCTV. There would be other person like shift workers at 7-11, therefore it would be an add on safety measures. Making a transaction would be also another option for customers, especially for those working night shifts, as 7-11 is open 24 hours.
[Answered by mr. Brad Gravell]

The event ended after no further question and that's the time we bloggers decide to take a group photo at the launch spot.

gif animation creator
We redo the launching scene~

Henry already tried out the game since he arrived earlier.

We then head to Tarragon Restaurant @ Taylors Lakeside for our refreshment. This dish quite sweet + sinful.

A candid shot by Michelle

And a group photo again after eating full ;p

You can now start to play the AmBank Imspector ATM Facebook game @ to win awesome prizes!

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  1. Haha... Good to see AmBank in the spotlight!

    Oh, btw, that would be Datuk Mahdi Morad... =)

  2. [soon seng]
    You work in AmBank right? ;p
    Thanks for the correction too

  3. Haha... Good to see AmBank in the spotlight!

    Oh, btw, that would be Datuk Mahdi Morad... =)


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