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Nuffnang @ 拿福能 in China now!

Guys, do you know that Nuffnang - Blog Advertising Community has new community site in China? Yes! I am sure China's bloggers would be very happy to see this~! Even I also excited for them! If not wrong the office is located in BeiJing, Chao Yang (北京,朝阳区).

Nuffnang China @ 拿福能 - 亚太地区首家博客广告社区

Just yesterday Nuffnang China @ 拿福能 officially launched their website. So for those bloggers who resides in China better register now~! Wah I can say Nuffnang is growing fast within just few years ;p

Intro in Chinese:

简单介绍一下,拿福能成立于2007年,创始人陈有添(Timothy Tiah)石明昇(Ming Shen)在伦敦求学的时候相识于小野猫的演唱会上,毕业后,两个人相继成为博主,于是想创建一个博客社区,帮助博主通过吸收广告商在其博客上放置广告从而获利。


It is all the same with current Nuffnang just that everything is in Chinese. Now I know why Nuffie David went to China recently ;p

Spotted Vivien's blog featured in Chinese Intro ar. Haha

NuffnangCN's Twitter account in China Sina WeiBo.


Since in China WeiBo@微博 is more familiar than Twitter. I go and register an account for my self BUT my nickname "TianChad" has been taken.

Taken by who? A female who live in Jiang Shu, Yan Cheng. Hmm... How she know I am going to register Sina WeiBo?

If you are a blogger who is now reside in China, start register now @ Nuffnang CN~!
No worry if you are not, cos you still can register yourself at below several countries:

Nuffnang Real Good~! Congratz again for new community at China =D

PS: Thanks SimonSeow for mention it on Twitter. let see what I can do by using WeiBo~

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