Stop Child Abuse...Stop Abandon Us

"I have no name, abandoned in a place where my parent hope I won't be found."

The first thing that appear in my thought about child abuse will be the dumping of babies/fetuses and they were treated like a rubbish.

There were cases of newborns abandoned in the streets or at rubbish dumps. Imagine a body of a baby boy who was left on the roadside was found by passers-by, with his left hand bitten off by wild dogs...

Some were abandoned, dump at toilet or even buried...

What happen to parents nowadays?
How could the parents just dump their babies without even have chance to see the world better. If you are not ready yet to be a responsible parent, stop the "reproduction process". There is always this thing call condom and it is even cheaper than the cigarettes. Don't be a selfish guy just to have short moment of "happiness".

I am sure some of you have watched the baby abortion video before. So do I. Sometimes a person can promise to take care of you forever, or even get engaged together to promise you it is safe to be with him. But some people just betray the trust given and dump the lady along with the children. I would say this somehow will leads to child abuse.

Here is a video that I saw through Twitter sharing:

'Like Toy Dolls' by Chen Yih Wen
Watch this video to see what could happen to the "dolls"

Child abuse doesn't stop at an age. What are the ways to stop child abuse?

Recognising abuse: Signs and symptoms
The first step to helping abused children is learning about the signs and symptoms of: (i) physical abuse, (ii) emotional abuse, (iii) sexual abuse, (iv) neglect.

When looking out for signs of child abuse, don’t just think bruises and broken bones. There may also be behavioural or emotional signs, or a combination of several signs. For example, unexplained injuries accompanied by a change in the child’s behaviour could be a sign that something is wrong.

Having one or two bruises does not necessarily mean that the child is being abused. But when signs appear repeatedly or in combination with other symptoms, we should be concerned.

Learning more about the signs and symptoms of abuse, and knowing how to seek advice or assistance, is the best way you can help.

United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) ‘Get On Board’ campaign

What is UNICEF 'Get On Board' Campaign?

The adage that ignorance is bliss could not be farther from the truth, particularly in the context of child abuse. Knowledge is the key to our success. It gives us the power to govern ourselves, our households, and ultimately our communities.

Get on Board is a "peoples' campaign" by UNICEF to provide the Malaysian public with the knowledge, insights and resources to stop child abuse. The digitally-driven campaign, a first by UNICEF in the region, aims to unite 100,000 supporters to raise their hand in support of children. We hope the Malaysian public will embrace this campaign as their own, and support and promote it in their own unique ways to ensure a safe and protected childhood for every child in Malaysia.

Do the right thing. Get on board. Stop child abuse!

So I decided to raise a hand to stop child abuse. This is my hand:

"Don't hesitate to lend out the hands of love. The world can become better and colourful with your love! - TianChad"

Preventing child abuse is a shared commitment. The responsibility starts with each one of us. You can show your support by design a hand too @

For information on prevention counselling, family counselling, parenting responsibility and childcare, you may wish to contact: Lembaga Penduduk dan Pembangunan Keluarga Negara – LPPKN (The National Population and Family Development Board) OR the LPPKN office in your city.

Don't Leave Me Alone (UNICEF Child Abuse PSA)

Suspect or know of a child being abused or neglected?
Please call 15999 with the following information:
- address or location where the child is being abused or
- neglected type of abuse or facts of the case
- identity of the abuser or any information related to the abuser

All reports of child abuse are CONFIDENTIAL and names of anyone informing the authorities will not be made public. Or if you choose to, you may remain anonymousby report to MCTF ChildLine and KPWKM .

Courtesy of SONY Malaysia, Nuffnang is giving out 3 units of the SONY Cybershot W190 camera for those of you who want to help out more with sharing this campaign with your readers!

Start by getting on board with UNICEF at and together let's make a difference for the children in Malaysia. Get latest updates and campaign on UNICEF Malaysia Facebook page.

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  1. This is good content. Your influence will help to raise a lot of awareness too. ganbade!

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    I hope can contribute a bit also =) Thanks for support~!

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  5. Thanks for sharing our video, Tian Chad!

  6. This is good content. Your influence will help to raise a lot of awareness too. ganbade!


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