AAR Press Conference & Round Table Session

AAR @ Press Conferences


Thanks to Nuffnang's DiGi Contest, I was given an opportunity to attend All-American Rejects' Press Conference and have a Round Table Session with them. Here is my post - DiGi Unlimited Music AAR & BEP Perform Live

Due of KL's heavy traffic, I parked my car at Bukit Jalil Stadium, which is where
AAR concert will be held.

DiGi Music the main sponsor

It was 12PM ++ and people were still setting up the stage and entrance.

Hitz.fm crews arrived as early as some of the AAR fans. They are giving out free drinks

I was rushing to Nikko Hotel because STAR LRT doesn't seems so frequent these days
Nice meeting Flora, Amanda, Kristine, Jeremy and Bryan =)

Had some desserts

Not having these, the food was kinda hidden between the hall


During waiting, Jeremy said his eyes are immune to flash
So he proved to us by using the BIG Flash O.o
*Warning Never Try This At Home, strong light never good for your eyes*

Bryan, Jess and me is going to join the Press Conference =D
Since Kristine can't get in, she lend me her DSLR to help her capture the moments

I was guessing how is it possible for 2 AAR members sitting and the other 2 standing
But actually it was prepared for Mr. Koay [DiGi's Head of Segments] and Loan Cheong [GM of Universal Music Malaysia]
*Picture of them with Kristine*

Without anymore waiting, All-American Rejects is out on stage =)

This is my first time attend a Press Conference and you can see everyone is with their DSLR while I just own a compact camera and temporarily using Kristine's DSLR ;p
I find that we Malaysian are more conservative during the Q&A session, only few people asked question. Even AAR requested us to ask more because it was too little! I still remember, "Come on! It can't be only two question!"

Malaysia is still a conservative country ha? =)

Tyson received the BIG greeting card because of his previous knee injury while on tour.

When press conference ended, the girls rushing to take photo with them
I am happy with this photo =D
Thanks Kristine!

After press we are now waiting for the round table session.

The table is not round

With Jess again =)

Courtesy of Nuffnang, we are the 5 bloggers who get the chance to meet them in person
Bryan, Hazel, Shakira, Vanessa and myself

Congratz Hazel for winning the Sony Ericsson w670i =)
I guess I need to improve my english writing to win it, or I should stay in Penang and come all the way to KL to redeem AAR tickets? XD

However there is a bad news for us, AAR was separated into two groups
[Nick+ Tyson, Mike + Christ]

Nick who coming out from VIP holding room
I initiated a conversation with him and he just look scared =S

All 5 of us were assigned to meet with Mike and Christ.
I found that Mike is very friendly and mainly do the talking while Chris is a bit quiet.

Christ has the most tattoos over his body while Tyson is 2nd

Through the round table session, we figured out that Nick still bring along a soft toy that was given by his girlfriend/ex-girlfriend. Chris use more time than usual to tie his shoes, but a very good drummer.

You can know more about it through this video =)

Video courtesy of Bryan!!

The round table session won't be complete without taking photo with them!
*Looks like Chris is attached bcs not holding her waist? Just a guess*

I also utilize my opportunity to take photo with them individually =D
Me with friendly Mike Kennerty

and Christ with the big ear lobe!

So the round table session ended and its time for me to meet up with friends that has been lining up since 3PM at Bukit Jalil Carpark.


I am going there, waiting to reach the station and doing nothing in LRT...

I can see that "Something's going to happen" when the sky is so moody.
So does the crowd!!

Stay tuned for concert's story...The barbarian experience!


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