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I’m a Sherlock Holmes in the Making

Cheesy and Chedie ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Watch "Sherlock Holmes" two days before its release date in Malaysia. Click HERE and act fast~! I just found out about it too.

[Save Our Seahorse] - Creatures in Seagrass Bed

After visit National Park Tanjung Piai , we are going to find seahorse again~! I found my first seahorse the day before . Do I manage to find one this time? Please continue =) The sun rised The ladies woke up. They are going with us to find seahorse too Fisherman just came back form the sea and the crab has something to say Golden yellowish sun rise Morning LiErn and me both with puffy eyes The driver that showing his natural charisma on the boat. Me with YengYeng =) Singapore industry area over the sea ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ After 15 minutes ride, we arrived at the SeaGrass Bed again! I still remember the day before Choo manage to find one seahorse immediately after we dock our boat. This time YengYeng found the Seagrass' fruits [ Enhalus species ] According to the myth, you can eat it to become a mermaid =) Sunny ray shine on the seagrass Today besides looking for seahorse we are tracking Dugong's feeding trail too. Did you see the trail that was left after


什麼叫做 " 信冷感 " ? 很有意思ㄜ,早上笑一下,提振精神! 信關係 那天遇到幾位朋友,大讚這則 e-mail 很有原創性,熱烈笑談起「信生活」,且都意猶未盡,特集思廣益,博君一笑。 : 1. 你對「信生活」滿意嗎? 以轉發或收取 e-mail 消磨時間的可稱為有「信生活」。 2. 因此 靠 e-mail 交往的叫「信交」。 互相分享 e-mail 笑話的叫「信伴侶」。 只收不發叫「信冷感」。 ! 發錯對象是「信騷擾」。 發不出去是「信功能障礙」。 看著 e-mail 傻笑的,基本上已達到了「信高潮」。 3. 當然,你如果連 e-mail 都不會操作,就鐵定是「信無能」! 4. 再說: 能感動人心的 ! e-mail 叫 「 信感 」。 向人家要 e-mail 地址就是想建立「信關係 」。 用 e-mail 購物或買賣股票叫 「信交易」。 在 e-mail 傳送的資訊叫 「信知識 」。 5. 有教導作用的信叫 「 信教育 」。 Junk mail 一大堆叫 「信氾濫 」。 內容讓人想入非非的叫 「 信挑逗 ) 」。 有些莫名其妙的 e-mail 可稱 「信變態 」。 6. 若受病毒入侵就是得了 「 信病 」。 如因而使得收發 e-mail 困難遲緩叫 「 信功能衰退」。 7. 那就要請教高人指點叫 「信諮詢 」。 熟悉 e-mail 運作之高人就是 「信問題專家」。 8. 須要加裝軟硬體以加強病毒防衛就叫 「信治療」。 有些 e-mail 圖文並茂,又有動畫,又有配音,這叫「信技巧」。 各位信伴侶,可不要得了信冷感 ................ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Sorry if you can't read Chinese ;p

Zoobi Doobi from "3 Idiots"

I am fancy of colourful thing and this movie is one of it. The way they cast it and the way director filmed it. Besides, the song is catchy too! 3 Idiots Zoobi Doobi Zoobi Doobi Pum Para Zoobi Doobi Param Pum Zoobi Doobi Zoobi Doobi Naache Kyun Pagal Stupid Maan Here is the full sound track Okay, I admit sometimes I like to watch bollywood movie because that is the habit that I got by watching together with my grandparents. No, my grandparents are not Indian ;p

[Save Our Seahorse] - Tanjung Piai

Let's continue with my Save our Seahorse story, after end our [SOS] Dugong's survey trip , Choo bring us to somewhere southernmost tip of mainland asia =) Welcome to Tanjung Piai The National Park in Johor at Southernmost tip of Mainland Asia This is the only mangrove tree's scientific name that I can remember - Rhizophora stylosa In Malay just called "Bakau" I remember we just need to pay a small amount for the entrance fee Around RM 3.00 +/- They have this special wooden Recycle Bin =) We went through this alley and it bring us to somewhere very close to the nature yet so extraordinary. He is the tourguide that lead us around and explain to us what species the mangrove's tree are and the reason why they are going to extinct. We saw big lizard, sea snake and lots of other living creature =) We reached the southern tip of Malaysia, saw the BIG Globe? Veni, Vidi, Vici @ "I came, I saw, I conquered" We have conquered Tanjung Piai~! =D It won'