THe SaTuRdaY's SM3Y

On the Saturday before CNY
Which is the day I am in the traffic jam along the KL-Melaka Highway...
Only manage to get back home around 5pm after I took the bus at 12 pm

At night, there is a "Lim Teh" event for SM3Y @ 2004
As usual the event located at Mamak TKL @ Taman Kota Laksamana

We eat

We cam-whored

Zhang Ying & Me

The M1-M5

Sudden pose

The M6 + F1 to F5

We do what we suppose to do at Mamak before Zhang Ying took out her secret weapon.

Secret weapon 1: Tarot Card
Zhang Ying help us predict how many girl/boyfriend the person would have at certain age and when he/she will get married.
Even the personality of his/her partner can be predicted.

Jing Hong is going to have 2 girls fighting for him at the same time ;p

And Jia Xian is very worried when he doing this Tarot's Game ;p
Initially was 30++ only get married but then after few days become 29 years old to get married

Luckily he is relieved now :)

Secret Weapon 2: Rubik's Cube
There wa a bunch of people learning how to play and there are pro within us
Such as Danny and Zhao Jing

See Youu arrived in the middle of the event and showed up like a superstar!!
Everyone was happy and taking his photo

Aiks, no group photo as some said they are not wearing pretty that day
So gotta wait for the upcoming Amigo Gathering Event

Okay here is a guess for you all :)
Please notice the "thing" inside Yong Kuan's mouth
Is it the tounge? The Biscuit? Or something else?


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