SKYTREX Adventure

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Tomorrow I will go to Skytrex Adventure @ Taman Pertanian Malaysia
To support my dear friend Mun2 who challenge herself and raising fund for the
Raleigh International KL

Julien Repellin and Azlan Idrus of Skytrex Adventure have created an unusual high ropes adventure in the Bukit Cahaya Seri Alam Agricultural Park (Taman Pertanian Shah Alam) located in Shah Alam. This brand new activity revitalises the park's long forgotten attraction as the Malaysia's first agricultural park (built 1986) and quite possibly the world's largest at 1290 hectares.

There are 3 different courses which will have you standing, climbing, walking, swinging and zipping as high as 22meters off the ground! A good point to note is that there are several exit points should you find the challenges too much to handle or if there's an emergency and you need to get out.

BIG THRILL Duration 1.5 to 2 hours
Requirements: At least 1.4 meters. Maximum weight 100kg.
There are 23 challenges with names like 'Bermuda Triangle', 'Happy Hopper', 'Wobble Trouble' and 'Wild Revenge' which you may find humourous, that is, until you stand before them. I kid you not, the trail will sure to serve you that fear factor!

EXTREME CHALLENGE * Estimated to open first quarter 2009. Duration 1.5 to 2 hours
Requirements: At least 1.4 meters. Maximum weight 100kg.
Are you mad enough to do 21 EXTREME challenges? There's not much else we can say.

LITTLE ADVENTURE Duration 1 hour
Requirements: At least 1.1 meters. Maximum weight 100kg.
A childrens' course which is lower to the ground. The young ones will develop hand and eye coordination as well, body balance on the trail. Being in an agricultural park, the sights and sounds is a humongous classroom for them, feeding their inquisitive minds on nature's diversity. All this is provided in a safe environment with a trainer/guide keeping a close eye but not too close, allowing the child to explore his or her own abilities. Parents or Guardians can even follow them! There are 15 Challenges.


This is the challenge that Mun2 need to get through:

~23 challenges: 'Bermuda Triangle', 'Happy Hopper', 'Wobble Trouble' , 'Wild Revenge' etc
~I am hopping, climbing, swinging, zipping from station to station. And all the challenges are as high as 17 METERS off the ground! Can you imagine that?!!The most exciting part is to overcome acrophobia (fear of heights) in 30 minutes!

~If I can do it in 30 minutes,support me RM20;
~If 20 minutes, support me RM 25;
~If 10 minutes, support me RM 30;
~But you are most welcome if you wish to contribute more!=p

~I do not complete the task in 30 minutes, I, Chan Mun Mun, will volunteer my service (cleaning service) to Zoo Negara every 3 months up to a year, upon return from my expedition.

~A good chance for me to get out from my comfort zone, and try out something NEW.
~It is a time for me to test out my physical and mental limit before I go for Sabah Expedition.=p
~Two at a time! Fund-raising as well as have FUN!

~As well as push me one step closer to my Sabah expedition.
~I believe that in this expedition, I will have a chance to develop into a more socially responsible person and discover the skills of a lifetime that will enable me to give more back to the society and environment in the future.

Come & SEE & SUPPORT me!


So tomorrow 8 AM I will arrive there and support her ;p

Of course I won't waste this chance to participate in the adventure too!

Anyone interested to join?

My time slot would be at 10 AM~

Happy tomorrow~~


  1. wow man! u are the best! even help me to promote my fundraising as well!
    Tian Tian..~~Thank you very much!


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