Dec 31st 2008 @ Melaka

First, I would like to thanks my Grandma who purposely keep and made some
''Glutinous Rice Ball'' @ 汤圆
Specially for me when I am back~
Really appreciate ;p

Please guess where is this place ;p
Somewhere in Melaka
Near the Pizza Hut~
Melaka too enough clues given..~
In the hot afternoon, me and my little bro went to meet my mom at "_______" Hotel
Three dishes and 1 Soup was served as soon as we arrived

They did have good dishes name
Just...just that I don't remember
One is "Vege", one is "Fish", and one is "Chicken" ...?
After finished the dishes, chit-chat with my mom
Here it come, my second* birthday cake
1 candle means I am only 20 years old~!!
Haha, I am 2 years younger now~

According to the baker, this cake was specially made using imported chocolate
Yes, I like this chocolate very much!!
But I am stuffed and only manage to eat 1 slice...
Lucky got bring half of the cake back home and half for the employees there to share ;p

Here is my Mom, Me and my Bro, the clever little "monk" whose birthday is on 30th of Dec ;p
Who is missing in this ''December Birthday Child''??
My sister (28th Dec) and my another Bro (19th Dec)
All four of us were born in December!!
My parents were very pro at "setting" our birth date!!
They know when is the right time to ********

However there is an accident, I have a sister who was born in April ~~
BUT I still adore them very much, haha ;p

This is where I learn that planning is really important !!

During night, was planning to have a countdown/birthday celebration at
Geographer @ Jonker Street (Melaka)

Saw a couple of "bemused" husband and wife?
I like their similar pose
They just can't wait for 2009 to come~
I wish my hand wasn't shaking that time...
Looks a bit blur

The internal set-up of Geographer

Found some space on 1st floor and decide to wait for others to come.

Kuan is emo-ing while Arashi is in Happy New Year mode ;p

After the rest of my friend arrived, we think about what we want to drink/ eat.

In the end, we dare to leave Geographer after sitting there for a long time as drinking beer is still not* suitable for us
(Costly and got alot of driver that night)

When I am at down stair I saw a group of girls with different colored punk hair.
I only managed to capture the Green one (Still got white, blue + red one)

Aiks, they were walking fast and my camera is slow (because of the flash...)
It won't be a problem for LUMIX FX-38
B'cos LUMIX FX-38 has a "Multiple Flash Capture Mode"
I was thinking of getting a small sized DSLR as nowadays DSLR still too bulky for me.
That's why I love my current LUMIX FX-100
He still perform well ;p
He helped me captured the "Eye of Malaysia" nicely!

To make everyone happy, we went to a place where it is less crowded, and more relaxing + economical place

The "Dim-Sum" Shop

This is the “皇帝鸡香包”
Which is mixture of Sticky Rice + Bun

Yong Liang + Bojazz Lai + Yong Kuan + Ming Wei

I asked them not to be serious, but be creative~!
This is what I got, hahaYong Kuan + Ming Wei + Jia Xian + Xiang Yao

And made a round
Jia Xian + Xiang Yao + Me + Arashi
Some people said I am getting whiter and asked if I using any whitening lotion...
I wanna get darker but there is no place for me to swim...
I wear contact lens that night and the results is I should wear glasses to cover my dark eye circle. Is it because I am too pale so that the dark circle become so obvious?
Hmm..How to get rid off my dark eye circle??
Go get a tan?
Or change a new glasses with broad black frame? (Quick fix)

It is all guys hang out again.
Looking forward for 2009 Chinese New Year Gathering
At least, there will have girls in the event? *grin*

On the other hand, Jia Xian is worry about being lonely after graduated & start working
He even more worried than me!
Maybe it is because he was in Engineering Course(mostly guy) and I was in Biotechnology Course (mostly girls)?
So for those who admire Jia Xian, you've got a chance now!!

Actually countdown at the "Dim-Sum" shop also not bad
Cos there were fireworks just beside the shop.
And we can see fireworks at the Jonker Street + Portugese Village too.
I believe Portugese Village's firework is the best (in Melaka)

We saw a guy who fetching 3 girls that going to "kiss" a car while reversing
Before we managed to tell him to be careful, he "kissed" the car and the alarm rang.
Lucky the owner didn't ask him to pay.
And what we did was just observing the scene...~
We are bad!!
He doesn't look scared at all after the incident.
Is it because there are three girls with him right now?
Or he is brave?

This is how I passed my birthday and countdown for Year 2008.

In this year alot of things happened
There were happiness and sadness
We wont appreciate the "happy time" if there is no "sad time"
Or the other way round.
As one people will get numb if he always happy/sad

What I didn't manage to do is to make 31 post for December...~
It is hard to blog everyday

Last, hoping everyone be prepared for the upcoming "crisis" and
Look at the brightside~!
My new quote ;p


  1. ur brother really look like u ler. XD

    and u should wear more often ur contact lens ma, may be only then dark circle will disappear, wakakak

  2. wa? where got?

    Happy Birthday la!
    U nvr said u wear contact, no one get notice gua, most of us are not interested in man....haha:p

    c u in CNY! Happy 2009!

  3. [marccus]
    Got this type of theory one ar?

    haha, I am helping you ar ;p
    Anyone start her action on you already?

    See you in CNY too ;p


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