Company's Annual Dinner @ Bukit Jalil Golf Club

Last Thursday was our company and sister company's Annual Dinner.
The company included are, "The Origin Food", "Easy-Phamax", "Blue Ocean", "IBG", "Hopematic", "Hewo","", "Mega Bio" and "INS Bioscience".

The dinner was organized at Bukit Jalil Golf Club, we arrive early with our IBG "Mascot"
It is actually a lab glove initially used for game events.
In the end become the IBG Mascot wearing Hat ;p

Pei Ying with our Production WorkerS

This is the "little boy" working as Chemist in IBG and he is a community member for the games event.

Before we all go into the dinner hall, group photo was taken.
My colleague was on the phone serving customer.

Ji Siang, Pei Ying + Me

Another group photo on the stairs

The good friend buddy pose

Woei Chung with all the prizes for us to win

Pei Ying + Wei Ying

Me + Pei Ying + Wei Ying

A guy that wished to have four wifes

And this is the menu for that night~

People were serving the wheatgrass drink as this is the main product of Origin Food
We cannot not consume our own company's product right?

Sarinah + Ms. Pang + Catherine

The open ceremony was started by a "24 Season Drum Show"
I am sure they are hungry that time...
As they can't follow the tempo and the drum sounds weak

Or it is just because our company are saving cost for our upcoming dinner? Let see

First, a speech by the event organizer - Hui Ling
Hui Ling is really a "pasar" name.
Whenever you go to a market and shouted "Hui Ling"
At least one people will look back to you! Try it :)

Next is speech given by Datuk Yeat ambassador of Easy-Phamax

Coming up was a box for donation for charity use.
The MC donate first and followed by others.
Manage to collect RM 1k ++

This is our first dish - "Thai Tong Hot & Cold Four Combination"
The song "Hot N Cold" by Katy Perry was played too
Only in my mind...

Second dish - "Braised Shark Fin's Soup With Seafood Treasure"

Along with the dishes being served, the game event started.
This is Woei chong and a pretty girl from Easy-Phamax going to play
"Ping-Pong Traffic"

Kenny Lim also participate in the game and manage to get into the final game!

Next is the "Rubberband Train"
Liew and Ms. Pang participated the game ;p

Some poeple that can't wait to unviel what is hiding inside the box that she won ;p

Ms. Pang is very concentrated in this game

After the second game finished, Datuk Chang presenting his song
~"I Wanna Hold Ya, 'Til the Fear In Me Subsides"~
His singing was nice!
So was the MTV! Haha
~To be continued~


  1. Haha, the mascot look so funny with a long stick stick the head, wakaka

    That night how much wheat grass product they spend? Good ler, they think of keeping employee's health, at least once a year.

  2. Haha, that is Navin's Idea for the Mascot ;p

    I think alot, but I just didn't drink it ~
    I think the message they try to deliver is "Self employee should consume self company product"?


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