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My Antique Monitor In the Office

This is my office table. It looks antique and complicated but yet very functionable.
I am using a new CPU paired with 80's Monitor.
It is ruining my eyes so I need an eye chart to do eye test randomly
Between, since I am working with microbes, daily observation is required for some sample, so there are a few bottles of samples under my observation.
And since sometimes working is stressful, Inspiration List is a must to make you work harder.
Besides, my office has been decorated with CNY stuff since last week. Chinese New Year Card all the way sticked on the wall ;p

Why do I post this up?
As I am participating the "Office Environment Blog Contest" by Mark Lee
Below are some of the comic drew by him
Sure you are familiar with it ;p



And somehow this chart fit my company ~

So, for those who are a Wretch Blog User please feel free to vote for the best picture ;p
No. 21 and No. 24 is my favourite. See here!

What is this?
This is actually a primitive cave made with a pile of shits
*shits = soaked for days' newspaper*

Helping my house's little boy to make a cave as what he made was a mountain/big stone.
This is the first phase of the cave
Later on after it dry it will be coloured.

Somehow he is happy with the cave as there is a big hole inside ;p
Still looking for ideas on how to decorate the cave

Last but not least, when I read the news paper, saw someone familiar and it was Alex
Congratz on being a winner for "Handsome/ Pretty Girl Contest" on the newspaper!!

Nicole, it will be your turn after CNY ;p

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