SKYTREX Challenge!! Would you?

Continue from last Skytrex post
Now I would like to share and talk about the whole story ;p

This is the Peacock like bugs that I found near the bench.
It has a fury tail and it will jump 360 degree when you touched the tail.
I guess it is a kind of bug that harm plants.

Then I saw an army of insects leaving a trail on the road.
They are the bloody red ants that wont let you go after they start bite you.

Morning glory, blury me

Later on, when I saw Li Ern arrived she start doing "DIY" for her car
The automobile window broken and gotta cover with plastic to avoid rain + thieve
I heard that Proton Wajar always need to have their broken window fixed too

Can't wait and start photoshoot with the morning sun using "Self Potrait".

Me + Sarita Chan

A group photo before enter Skytrex ;p (acquired from Simon Koh)

A statue appeared after passed the entrance

This is the Mini Bus that fetch us all the way into the Skytrex Forest
Munira + Me + Moon Chan (acquired from Simon Koh)

If you want to have more fun, take the alternative way
Bicycle rental service is provided :)

We are in the Skytrex and Simon Koh already equiped himself with the "_____"
Aiks, forgot the safety equipment name...^@^"
Can someone kindly help me fill in the blank ;p

This is Moon Chan introducing the Skytrex Challenge that she is going to do and
want to finish all the challenge in 30 minutes.
She is doing this for raising funds for Raleigh International.

After that, the tutor start the briefing and teach us all the required skill to do Skytrex challenge.
How to fasten yourself, how to lock/unlock, how to be spiderman and even how to fly like a fox!!
Wonder why it is called Flying Fox* while fox can't fly?
Or is there a kind of animal called "Flying Fox"?

This is the starting point after you have go through the tutorials
Starting from here the photo shooting stopped ;p
I gotta lend my camera to record down Moon Chan's challenge progress
Maybe there would be some other photos from my friends camera
What I remembered was when I am doing the second challenge.
Moon Chan already finished all the challenged!!
She managed to finished it in 13 mins 40 secs!!
While I took more than 1 hour to finish it...
From the video I can see that she moving really really fast like the Tarzan!!
Impressed! :)

Maybe she can organize another challenge.
Challenge to break Moon Chan's record and if he fail he will donate to Raleigh ;p

We all finished the Skytrex challenges and here is a group shot

This is Moon Chan carrying Meng Teng after the chalenge

Sarita Chan also want to try ;p
It is fun being carried ;p
In the afternoon, there is another batch of people come to challenge Skytrex
They all waiting near the ladder as people climbing up one by one
Luckily there wasn't big rain that time

A group photo before we leaving Skytrex. (acquired from Simon Koh)
Julien wearing the red T is the owner of Skytrex
Wild Pose ;p

Haha! Sometimes natural expression is always surprisingly good ;p
Managed to get this expression when the bus moved

After get my camera back start cam-whore again

Until the little child looking at me with this expression

We, all the hungry animals went to "Wong Kok Char Chan Teng" to eat
Li Ern (<.<)+ Ange (>.<)
The most colourful dish among us

Surprisingly I got a belated birthday gift from Meng Teng
A name card holder
Can also put cigarette if you want ;p
Thank you ^@^

And a photo with the Tarzan Moon Chan

After playing knife and fork, chit-chat, introduce ourself to new friends.
The satiety dizzyness start to attack me
So we all went home separately and called it a day!!
*Nap after lunch is not advisable as it make us get the tayar belly*

Last but not least, thanks to my LUMIX FX-100 as it help me capture alot of memory into picture form ;p
These photo would surely remind me even IF I had amnesia/dementia ;p

The end~!

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  1. hey! I finished the challenge in 13min 40sec! not 14min 30sec. Plz edit that! Or else, people will break my record easily. lol...

  2. It's really so interesting... Where it is? How to get there?

  3. Haha, my mistake
    Now less people can KO you already ;p

  4. [Zh1ng]
    It is at Taman Pertanian Malaysia
    Drive to there is the most convenient way ;p

    There is also 4 season botanical garden!!
    Should go there next time~


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