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Congratz! You won! [2]

Still remember this?
Congratz! You Won!

Not long ago I saw a news reported
It mentioned that a person was conned RM 5,000 because of this "lucky draw" event.

They used the same technique to con him.
First, you were told you can be a big winner if you opened a "lucky letter" with silver colour.
All you need to do is to go to their office to do another "lucky draw"!!

So this man did and there were more professional con man in there.
As a result, without his notice his ATM/VISA card was swiped and RM 5,000 gone!!
Atleast he get some cheap electronic device...?

Just to tell everyone be very careful about this super lucky day.
Please avoid those salesman/promoter around the Carefour in Bukit Jalil!
Now the BAD company hire youngster below 18 years old to help them con people.
Is there a law mentioned that youngster under 18 won't go to jail?
And that's why they hire youngster to con people??

Sometimes it doesn't really means lucky for you.
Just be careful everyone!!

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Congratz to KennySia as he was listed in Top 10 of
"2008 The Fastest Emerge Blogger in Google Search"
and of course not forgetting Raja Petra that was at Rank 4 ;p

When will I able to get into the rank? ;p
I am dreaming ...~

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Look at the brightside!! You are going to speak out! Thanks for dropping by :)