Company's Annual Dinner [Part 2]

Continue from Company Annual Dinner @ Bukil Jalil Golf Club ~
I would like to mention this again...
Datuk Chang was singing with the GORGEOUS MTV cast there ;p
I guess it is 70's song.
After that, Game 3 is started
"Blow, Step, Pick!"
What you actually need to do is to blow a lot of balloons, tighten it on one person's leg and ask your partner to step on others balloons while protecting your partner's ballons from being stepped.
Then, remember to collect the "PointS" Paper from the balloons you stepped
Collected highest point is the winner ;p

*Instruction with picture*
First, prepare balloons for your partner.

Then get a pose for photo shooting.
After that, start the war!
"I step yours, but you can't step mine!"
There is actually an expert balloons protector and he is the winner.
But suddenly he slipped on the floor ;p

This one is Game 4 - "Musical Chair"
The most aggressive game
32 people were fighting for 25 chairs
And ends up 5 people fighting for 2 chairs
To win this game all you gotta need is a strong butt
"It's all about the butt"

This is what happened
Mr. "Argh~! Shit!!" was bumped flew away by Mr. "Urgh! His BIG butt!"
and Mr. "Yes! My Butt Win!" get the chance to fast fast slip and sit on the chair!
Therefore Mr. "Yes! My Butt Win!" is the winner.
*If I have a DSLR the image won't be so blurred*

This is my great colleagues that won some consolation prizes during the musical chair contest
After this game, since I was part of the community member. I go to count the Candies in the fish bowl for the "Guess and Win" Luckydraw. There were thousand of candies to be count therefore a team of people was required.
This is the final game! the "Big Stomach" contest!
The "botak" guy in the middle is IBG's representative participant
Our only hope ;p

* Beep Beeep!*
The war started
Everyone was required to finish 2 Honey Ponkan, 2 bottle of Coca-Cola, one Wasabi + Cream Bread and some biscuits in the shortest time to win.
This is the "Big Stomach" Winner
He is very calm while eating
If you want to win you need to be calm, if not you might get choked and vomit
Atleast our "Botak" Indian won Consolation Prize for forcing himself to finish those stuff *Salute*
Thanks for trying so hard for our company! :)

Why is he so happy?

Because he was the luckydraw winner by guessing there were 1245 candies in the bowl
Which is only 5 candy less than the actual number!
I think he won the JUSCO RM1,500 Voucher along with the electrical device.

Final game ended
I.e. the end of the annual dinner.
Every Community Member was required to go up to the stage to "Yum Sheng!"
I wasn't in there because I want to take the picture and to eat my last dishes in the menu.I didn't manage to eat all the dishes served as I keep taking photo for the games and colleague participating the game.
So there are only some dishes that I manage to capture down.

The "DessertS Combo"

After that, Kenny, my supervisor presenting his self modified song.
Datuk Yeat cannot stop laughing after saw the lyrics ;p

Everyone was invited to dance on stage but only the Bangladesh go up and really enjoy themselves
They are all smilling and shaking happily~!

This is a box of gift everyone receive before leaving the hall
The "Healthy Bio-Herbs Cookies"
There are Cordyceps, Wheatgrass, Wheatgrass with ROOT!
Means the whole Wheatgrass can be used! Even the root wor!
Now we can even taste bitter cookies, the Bittergourd cookies.
Would you like to have one? ;p
Again, video will be upload later ;p


  1. haha,, this time am i leave comment in a right place?

    happy cny to you..!

  2. Happy chinese new year !! ur company so many competition prize to win !! i hope that i also can particiapte those competition so i have the chance to win the prize !! u win any prizes ?

  3. [cklim]
    Haha! Yeap u r at the right place ;p
    Happy Chinese New Year to you too~!

    Happy Chinese New Year~ ;p
    I didn't win any as I was the cameraman all the way to capture down what happened
    But my colleagues win alot ar :)


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