Yoyo & Pole Dance Workshop @ YOUTH'09

This is Wong KJ, the MC for Yoyo Workshop and also one of the Yoyo players.
He is also one of the finalist in SONY Double Exposure Contest ;p

First, three Yoyo players are going to present together
I like the 'SuperJum'p made by the Yoyo Player standing in the middle.

Next, it is KJ and Ewin's turns to perform.
Can't remember the third performer's name...^@^"

Why KJ look like that?
Because KJ's age secret was revealed by the Red guy
But I think the MC is older ;p

Ewin Ee is a young Yoyo Player which had won alot in Yoyo Contest
Please find him at - http://nenebubuchacha.blogspot.com/
I like his blog address ;p

This would be another Yoyo player that wearing golden Sportshoes and have good Yoyo skills too.
There are too much Yoyo players there, so I just uploaded some of them.

After all, the performance by KJ and Ewin is the best! :)

Next next!
The pole dance workshop that I have waiting for since 3.30 PM!

Six volunteers were summoned for the workshop
First, 2 girls were trained

Yeng2 said the Pole Dance Trainer is big and muscular
Yes, I agree with it
Cos she is really really strong...~
See how she climbing/holding/sitting/relaxing on the pole?

"Bwahaha, I don't think every guy can do what I just did", I said she said

A guy challenged and it looks easy to him
*Sure lah, he is a guy what*

He even climb up somemore and make a funny pose ;p

This girl is very excited to learn pole dance.
She can't wait to learn how to seduce her boyfriend ar ;p

This is why I said she is strong!
She can actually "stick" on the pole

A guy trying to do that but not as perfect as her pose ;p

This is another Pole Dance trainer which look slimer and lighter.
That's why she can turn fast around the pole.

Here is how we guys looks like when learn Pole Dance.
First, you might not able to balance yourself when doing the swing

Second, you might need to encounter the pain...

But when you start knowing the tricks
You will start enjoy yourself ;p
Like him!

And him! :)
Who says only woman can seduce man
Now they proof that man can also seduce you! Haha

After the Pole Dance Workshop finished
I wonder around the hall again to see what is interesting.
Rock Climbing, as usual.

Playing + photographing with snake, usual

Poor thing to see that the snake's mouth was hurted

Petronas F1 Racing Car, usual too!

Fly FM's DJ hosting a game to giving out freebie, normal and usual.
What's her name?

Belinda Chee being interviewed for hiring new host, not usually seen ;p
Sure alot of people come here to interview for 8TV Quickie right?

When I go back to the stage there
There is another dance workshop.
What attracted me is the girl wearing white shirt who dancing on the stage ;p
She looks good with the Boxing Dance

Yay, sweet post end ;p


  1. i just saw this blog about the youth event! =)
    great pole pictures there!

    Do check back on www.vivavertical.com for our events, performances, classes and workshops ;)

    also you may find Viva Vertical on Facebook and add me (creator of page: Emily Tan)

    Hope to see you ON the pole next time! =D

    Lola @ Emily Tan
    Viva Vertical
    Malaysia / UK / Hong Kong


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