Raleigh International BBQ @ Shang Villa

This is actually the story on the same day I go to YOUTH'09 .
At YOUTH'09 I saw pretty 8TV host and also the interesting Pole Dance + Yoyo Workshops
After I have satisfied wondering around the YOUTH'09 halls
Leaving Belinda Chee and the pretty girl I saw from the Dance Workshop...~
And go to the nearest Mc Donald to have my dinner.

This is where your Sundae come from. It is actually liquid form before put into the chilling machine.
According to a food's health booklets, there are a lot of Escherichia coli living inside...~
Escherichia coli is a kind of microbes living in bowel. If accidentally consumed too much they will make you sick.
But, who care, people still like to eat Sundae Cone and dun care about E. coli
Including me...
人就是爱犯贱 ~
After I almost finished my stuff, Mun2 called me if I want to join the BBQ organized by Raleigh International as Li Ern, Yeng2 is there too.
Since I am so playful, I just go without asking what are their programs.
I took a long time to reach Shang Villa as the Shang Villa hiding
behind the Stadium ...
Luckily I am not lost.

There is actually a small introduction for everyone there
And this is the Winnie-Pooh Raleigh Member hoping Santa come to the BBQ
Then, there are some members shared with us what they had did during the Raleigh Expedition.
Helping a village to build a bridge, a water system for their farm and living place.
And also as a English teacher for the children there!
Alot of picture to see, interesting~

This is POH-E, at last I remember someone's name ^@^"
She is actually raising fund for her upcoming Raliegh Expedition.
Same as Mun2.

There was actually some auction going on.

Limited edition Ralergh's T-Shirt for sale
I gotta told ya the quality of the shirt really nice!
Can fight with Nike~
Twister Game!!
After the auction, we can participate the game to win a limited edition Raliegh Bandana
Which has only 15 distributed in Malaysia.(If I am not wrong)

Lest start the game!
"Left Foot Green, Right Hand Red, Right foot ......."
This is the lucky pose Li Ern got ;p
In this first round, Li Ern lose to him...sigh
In 2nd round, the game become very interesting ;p
3 guys versus 1 girl
The longest round I ever see.
Ck was actually resting on "Shin-Chong"
*Please correct me if I am wrong*
Now is others' people turn to rest on CK ;p
"Shin-Chong" even need to spread his leg as wide as possible to win this game

Unfortunately, he failed and that is the limited Edition Bandana(With a big R)
they are fighting for.

Already half an hour the 2 finalist still endure until now.
So we make the game more challenging.
Hold an orange using your neck and who drop it who lose
But the game continue for 15 minute again and still can't decide the winner!
So their mouth need to grab a stick of BBQ food with their mouth to make it more difficult!

At last CK won the Bandana
Winner pose ;p
"Ushh!!"This is the little cat that looking for supper and doesn't even scared of me
They want to grab the chicken wings that Simon bbq-ed

Next, the 3rd round of Twister
Mun2 and Yeng2 two sister fight with each other until the end even they can share the bandana between themselves ;p
That is the so called emulative spirit !
Oh... here come the "Dare to Donate!" programme
"If I dare to do it, would you donate?"
First, CK was chosen by POH-E to be the dare person.
His first challenge is to finish the watermelon in 1 minutes.
But failed...
Even he put all his face into the melon also can't manage to finish it

So, we suggest another challenge for him.
Finish the bowl of "Mat Dou Lou" without time limit as the stuff had a really awful taste...
What are the ingredient?
You can try this formula~
Get Soya Bean Can Drinks, Twisties(The most important thing), plus all kind of sos available at the BBQ!
CK thought it would be easier than the Watermelon challenge ;p

But...this is not an easy task ;p
When you drink the soya it is still okay
But if you swallowed the swollen Twisties you will sure get "high" until wan to puke
That is what they described for me~
Even there is one someone volunteer to help him finish it
So, next time if you are organizing a dare or not dare challenge
Twisties would be a good ingredient to use ~~
Till the end, they manage to finish it and each and everyone of us willing to donate RM10 for what CK has did to help Poh-E raising fund.
Poh-E really own CK a big big favor!

Since it is already 12 am
The event come to an end

People start cam-whoring before leaving
E-Mey insisted on using her HP to take a photo
Resulting three black creature in the photo ~

Mun2 + Li ErnHere are the organizer, Li Ern + ______ and the fund raiser, Poh E
* Please help me fill in the blank*
I can remember face but not the name ^@^"

Last but not least, took a picture of myself with Li Ern la ;p
The STAR's interviewer!
Tomorrow is Saturday and I am going to somewhere again!
This time I will go...
Malaysia Career and Training Fair 2009 ! @ MCTF'09

"129 companies are exhibiting at the MCTF ’09. Visit all of them and check out the wide variety of career opportunities offered. Discuss with each one of them to learn more about their work requirements, business and background.

Anyone going? ^@^"
See you there after 3 PM!


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