Pre-CNY Lunch Treat By My Supervisor

Okay, this should be a pre CNY post
Seems like I can understand why smashpOp will have his blog post delayed for over 2 months ;p
As there can have a lot of happenings on the same day

Okay, first I wish everyone Happy Chinese New Year, again
Don't eat too much as I did...

Last week my supervisor was treating us lunch at
Liang Ya Nv Restaurant @ 梁牙女餐馆
This is my first "Lau Sang" in year 2009.


And after ...
We love messy food

The second dish "Four Season Plate"

"*Fake* Shark Fin Soup"
Why fake? Cos we need to protect the shark ma~

Poor "Fried Fish"

"Vegetable Garden"

"Soft Pork Meat / Gelatin Dish"
Pei Ying's favourite
And she said:" There are gelatin inside, not fats only!~"

"Mayonese++ Fried Prawns"
Hmm...too much mayonese ruin the taste

"Special Nasi Goreng"
I don't even know what the taste is as I have stuffed myself...
In the end we pack back and give our production workers to eat

"Ong Desserts"
*Long Ngan + Jellies*

And extra "Pandan Pao"

Girls actually can gone wild if you know how to "ignite" them

I want to thanks Kenny, my supervisor for treating us all with a lot of delicious foods

Ooo ya, thanks Mr. Yeat that treating us KFC BucketS on the same day too.
That day really got too much food to eat ar!!

Hope you all enjoy the CNY and foods that you had these few days ^@^"


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