Free Lunch Treat @ Restoran Lek Lek

Since me and one of my colleague were somehow become the community members for our company's annual dinner
Our big boss planning to treat us the next day as our annual dinner is a success ;p ~

We go all the way to Serdang's
"Restoran Lek Lek @ 亚烈家乡美食饭店"

We all go in one gang and waiting our boss outside as soon as we reached there
So many different face expression :)

Lucky Me and my Lucky Colleague
which able to have this treat with just a heart to help them wrap prizes for annual dinner's game events.
In the end we were in a meeting and they have enough people to wrap the present already.
So we just go back after the meeting and become one of their community member ;p
This is a well known restaurant which has his dishes published on newspaper

This is the first and the most delicious dishes I ever had.
The "Famous Lek Lek Fish with Soup + A lot of Spices"
I didn't mange to get the actual name as there is no menu provided.
All pre-ordered by our boss :)

Next is the "Fried Tou Fu with Lek Lek Meat" and "Lek Lek Fried Egg"
*From The Left*

And this is "Lek Lek Petai + Lady's Finger Vege" Dish

And this is the super delicious "Lek Lek Fried Prawn"!!
It was fried with the Duck's Egg Yolks or so called "咸蛋" in Chinese.
* "咸蛋" is commonly used in making Moon Cake *
I think I ate a lot of prawns that day.
This is when my pimples start coming out...=.="
This is the "Lek Lek Kampung Chicken" which served in two dishes.
It is a Huge Chicken as
Plate A + Plate B = One Chicken
Is it they are well feed by Corn Meal so that their skins look so yellow?

Here is a closer look

This is the "Lek Lek Famous Fish Cake" which is our boss's favourite dish ;p
I need to eat it with rice as it was very salty with the extra sauce added in

In the middle of the lunch
Hui Ling give a speech and thanks to all community members who helped her to make this Annual Dinner a success

I am sure it does not including me, as I was just a cameraman that night ;p

Datuk Chang also gave a speech and during that time someone called him.
It is funny that the person on the phone was requested to listen to his speech too

Last is speech given by Datuk Yeat
Actually at Annual Dinner there was one bowl of fly sheets which is specially for our boss.
We can write comments or wishes to him
We can even ask for Bonus/Angpow~! ;p

But we can't write complaints as different company have different colours paper...
He will know who is writing bad about him what...~

He said he had look through what we written to him and appreciate all his partners and workers along the year.
He said he appreciate people who tell him the truth more than blandishments.
Me too! :)

In the end, we all "get pregnant" and there are still a lot of food left.

Thanks alot for this lucky treat and I gotta control myself to prevent excess consumption of spicey, fried, oily, hot food.

If not my face will be conquer by Propionibacterium Acnes
*Sorry for using microbiology terms* ;p

"Restoran Lek Lek" is a good place for those who want to "Lau Sang"
All I know is it is located in Serdang
So sorry that I can't google it out ^@^"

Here are some picture taken at Mid Valley + The Gardens~

24 Seasons Drums Pre-Performance @ Mid Valley

And a part of the decoration @ The Garden

Last but not least.
I wishing everyone Happy "Niu" Year and take care of yourself especially my friends that get sick these dayz
Alot of friends around me getting sick even CNY haven't come!
So have a good holiday everyone and get more Angpow ar!!

!!!~"Gong Xi Fa Chai"~!!!


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