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Wedding Photo SM Nasarudin & Marion Caunter

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Congratz on the marriage of SM Nasarudin and Marion Caunter [Perkahwinan Marion Caunter dan SM Nasarudin] =) Now after convert Marion has this lovely name Marion Rose Caunter Abdullah. Who don't like to use flower as part of their name? =)

Marion's Smile of Happiness at her wedding

The Wedding Hall @ SM Nasarudin & Marion Caunter Marriage.
Can you see what are the gift line up? I saw a pair of super shining high heels

Can you see the big rose everywhere around the wedding hall's balcony?

When Marion Caunter going downstair with her "pengapit"

This is the image appear in SM Nasarudin's mind when he saw Marion coming down from stairs.
Dressed in all-white traditional Malay baju kurung, , designed by Rizalman

Another angelic photo of Marion

Marion's photo with the "wedding sisters"

Everyone is focusing on Marion Rose Counter =)

One out of hundred family+ relative photo perhaps?
Spot Marion's sister and the cute children =)

The Brothers @ SM Nasarudin & Marion Caunter Wedding Ceremony
I like their happy laugh esp SM Nasi­mud­din. Do note that good looking teeth helps a lot with your image =)

The moment Nasarudin kissed Marion Rose Caunter =)
*See the reaction of Marion's sister haha*

Most photo are from Google Image, including from BeautifulNara.com and RotiKaya. Decided to enhanced the brightness + colour to make it looks better, hope you guys like it.

If you have more awesome photo of Marion Caunter's marriage and wedding, please feel free to email to tianchad86[at]gmail.com so we can spread the happiness =D

Congratz again to the lovely couple! Hope you like this post and spread the love.

New photos of Marion and SM Nasarudin's wedding dinner click here

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