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Marion Caunter & SM Nasarudin Wedding Dinner Photo

Gambar terkini yang diambil sementara perkahwinan Marion Rose Caunter dan SM Nasarudin dilangsungkan di Mandarin Oriental Hotel. Mereka memang macam pinang dibelah dua dalam gaun putih dan bersinar. Nampaktak keris di tepi pinggang SM Nasarudin? Marion menjadi sama tinggi dengan SM Nasarudin apabila pakai kasut tumit (yang sangat) tinggi. Kena ada susuk badan yang cantik baru boleh pakai gaun perkahwinan yang anggun tu.

Gaun persalinan dan perkahwinan Marion direka oleh Rizalman Ibrahim (untuk majlis resepsi ) dan gaun rekaan pereka fesyen terkemuka dunia, Vera Wang. Cantikkan?

Ok la time to write back in English ;p *stress lol*

The wedding dinner was themed with mainly blue and white decoration. Candles light on top of every table. Got chopstick also? :)

I am sure the wedding is very nice! If only I could witness their wedding with my own eyes.

Cutting cake session by SM Nasarudin and Marion Caunter. They changed to Western style wedding clothes I guess? Hmm...Could it be Basket Robbin's Pink Ice-cream Wedding Cake on the stage? Cos that would be awesome ;p

Last but not least, Marion and Nasarudin happily dancing together. Noticed it is another different set of Wedding Dresses for both of them. The smile on his face could just making other happy too =)

PS: Please correct my English/Malay writing if there is any. That's how I improve myself with your help =D

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