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The Nescarian Victory in Henessy

Today I would like to share a video of my friendS who put much efforts on this for Nescafe - Chilllah Plex! . If you like Maple Story you might feel familiar with this =)

Yes! They truely need your support as they are all exhausted because of rushing for this video as the time given is so short. Many nights with insufficient sleep and luckily they stay awake with Nescafe family!

So, hope you guys can pay a visit at this link http://bit.ly/2AzYT4 and vote for them~! Help them redeem their sacrificed day and night!

*When you gain more good karma you will become luckier ~!*
*No more FML but more FTW~!*

PS: This message is specially presented to you by Xeroz's Couple [Xeroz and Ms.Xeroz]

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