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Stitch Cap Cute!

This is the cute Stitch Cap :)
Wonder who is the owner?

Tada, here she is!!
Pei Ying!

She is so lucky to have a "Didi" that bought her some souvenirs from Japan

I can't waste this chance to take the photo of the cap
So I just do it in the office!

Luckily boss was not around ;p

The back of the cap is also nicely design
It looks like Stitch is biting her head ;p

Later on, my colleague start to play with the cap ;p
This is Keat Seong

Then start to take photo together with the new "Mascot" for our company ;p
Woei Chung + PeiYing

Teck Voon + Pei Ying

Pei Ying + Nury

Including me!

Actually, I would prefer my another colleague - Navin to be the Mascot! ;p
Let him be the Plutus or so called "财神爷" in Chinese?

*The jiggly ears*

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