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Skytrex I chalenged you!!

A brief short post.
Early in the morning 7 AM ++
Drive to Taman Pertanian Malaysia for supporting
Mun2 doing her 30 minutes challenge.
Raising funds for Raleigh International Kuala Lumpur
Yeap, finish all the challenges of Skytrex in 30 minutes.

Guess what?
She managed to finished in 13 min 40 sec!!

Even Julian, the Skytrex owner also need around 30 minutes to finish it!!

Mun2 is superb greatz ;p

Congratz again~
Anyone want to challenge her??

This ladder doesn't look as simple as it looks
It is tiring after you climb half way...
Luckily I ate my breakfast!!

Okay this would be the short post~
Update soon ^@^"

For updated post please visit here~!!

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Look at the brightside!! You are going to speak out! Thanks for dropping by :)