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First time...

CNY's holiday ends today and I went back Puchong with my sis in the morning
As usual, we took TRANSNATIONAL Bus to go back KL but this time the bus is different
It is "double layer" and luckily me and my sis able to go upstairs

Somehow luckily sit at the front row as everyone doesn't follow the seating number
Somehow unluckily the sun is too bright and the air conditioner not strong enough
But nice view from there :)

You would have notice this if you are sitting at the front row
Even in bus you also need to fasten the seat belt for your own safety
I stil can't get use to it

This is our Melaka's under construction Aeroplane Control Tower.
Next time alot of tourists will land here for visiting Historical Melaka and we will have a damm serious traffic jam then...

Hope this won't happen!!

Goodnight lo, looking for more angpao and fund raising for my PSP 2000/3000~
Heard a rumor that PSP3000 are going to be cracked soon after around 3 months, should I continue waiting? ;p

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Look at the brightside!! You are going to speak out! Thanks for dropping by :)