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8TV Pretty Hosts @ YOUTH'09

After I get my hand fur burnt, I still insist on going to Youth'09
Luckily Sarita Chan is going too :)

This is "YOUTH'09" on my "fur-less" right hand T.t
At first I saw Rina Omar the 8TV Quickie Host near the entrance
So I fast fast ask Sarita Chan a.k.a. Yeng2 to help me take a photo with her

I like how she talk especially when she is with Phat Fabes
Miss her!

This is what I found if you need a part-time job
Commission up to 45% by selling these products!
After see closer only know all the products are specially for erotic use.
Vacumm Pump, SensaOil, SensaCream,Ayuzip V-Gen Drink
Where as "Ayuzip" = Are you zipped enough?
Hmm, is this the vi-vi-bbra-tion ringg ?
Initially I didn't know I will meet Rina there.
But now I even meet more pretty 8TV host there :)

Aishah Sinclair and Belinda Chee
They are pretty, aren't they? :)

Besides, do you saw 60 Earth Hour?
Join us for Earth Hour at 8:30pm Saturday March 28 2009!

Later on, we met Chia Hur and he was participating in the Nikon Photographing Contest to win a Nikon DSLR.
Unfortunately he didn't made it to the 4th round.
Actually, it is hard for Chia Hur to win as he is using his Compact Camera to fight with DSLR!!
Perhaps, it somehow because of his egoness too in the third round ;p
For more story, please visit Avant-Garde ~
This is the stage decoration before the Pole Dance Workshop ;p
Since the workshop haven't started. We went to the Community Hall
There is a band contest under progress!
Unfortunately I don't understand the art of this kind of music ...
It is too noisy for me!
What I remember the most is a lot of visitor "run" away after the singer of a band started to sing.
I am sure that the band doesn't make it into final round.
*Not the one in this picture*

In the community hall, there is also basketball competition for boys and girls
Sport Cars for display, stalls selling clothes and souvenirs.
We are searching for Raleigh International but didn't saw it at first.
Searching everywhere except upstairs.
Wonder why it was located in the deepest part of the hall.
It is hard to attract people to go up there as no one would know there is something there.

These are the stuff required when you go to Raleigh Expedition

And CK is the organizer of Raleigh International Kuala Lumpur.
CK + Yeng2
Since the workshop is going to start soon, we go back to the main hall and saw someone doing his spray-arts on the "Shine" board.
What attracted me is the artist.
Like his hair style ;p
The Pole Dance Workshop hasn't start
But there is a Lock Dance Workshop going on :)
Yeng2 was encouraged to join the workshop.
Luckily she did ~

This is how they look when they are having the workshop ;p
They are learning the Shaking Butt dance step!

This is the dancer that coaching them at the workshop.
He has done a good job by making everyone followed the steps
*Movie clip will be uploaded soon~*

This man has been given THREE DSLR to take the photo shot for next event.
Which DSLR should he use? SONY? Nikon??

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