Should Bloggers Get Paid?

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Just recently I realized that most of the successful blogger/personality usually share their own personal life/opinion about something on their social media especially blog. I am not sure if I was too busy with events but it seems that I've lost my personal touch on it some how. It just feels like I am an outsider observing and reporting something deadly at this personal space. Glad that my current working schedule/lifestyle allows me to take a break and think of what I had been doing for past few weeks *I ended up fall asleep on my bed*

Above photo was posted randomly to share that more and more cafe with unique concept has  landed themselves in the middle of busy street. You kopi will no longer RM2 in a kopitiam but all starts from RM9 onwards because these cafe give you better ambience and soothing environment.

Let's get back to what I was trying to mumble. Ever since I started this blog in 2008, I've never thought that I would make this as part of my full time career besides falling in love with photography. To be honest, my first aim in creating this blog is to help me document my life. A place where I can refer back to my memories when I am old like my grandpa. Instead of flipping over the old photos trying to remember what happened during that time, I can know what actually happen by reading my own writing. Which I sometimes feel why I was so childish writing this way. If you don't believe try go to my first few blogpost. It is all nonsense, sound stupid but that was me hahaha

To be honest, I was fortunate graduated with a Degree of Biotechnology and been in that field for almost two years. But blogging seems like a wonderful channel that open so many doors for me to explore my life differently. Which is why I decided to try fulltime blogging and amazingly it last until now. Today is the day I feel like doing nothing but just wanna mumbling more at this place. After all, this is my blog right? *mumbling detected*

I have come to the age where my lovely aunties will ask me when I wanna get married whenever they saw me. I know it is gonna happen but it seems harder for youngter nowadays to get married. In my opinion, if a man don't own a house and financially stable, it won't able to give secure to his spouse. This is what I think and I do think that to get to the next stage of my relationship, a family house is important. Current property price risen like nobody's business but salary raise still crawl like a turtle. If you really wanna be rich asap, I think you should be a property agent. Too bad I don't have interest in becoming one although I wish I own a beautiful house soon.

Talking about blogging, it seems that many people thought bloggers are people who willing to do anything as long you feed them goodies bag and good food. Or else, why would so many people ask, "Hey TianChad, blogging can really earn money meh?" . For your information, I am earning money through blogging but that's not the only income I have, I do photography business as well. I shoot event, concert, wedding, family portrait and many more as long it is documentary style. My actual dream job is to travel around the world, document beautiful places with awesome people and share our story together on this space. Sounds like a National Geography photographer but not exactly like them. It would be awesome if somebody offer this kind of job for me. In reality, if you want something so badly you should go after for it instead of waiting for someone else giving you a helping hands =)

"If you take responsibility for yourself you will develop a hunger to accomplish your dreams"

Thinking back, I never really know how I got myself into concert photography but I really like it so far. It just makes me happy when I able to capture that moments that reminds you something. Just like recent Sodagreen Live in KL Concert, I am glad I was able to document that with my own eyes with assist of DSLR camera. It won't be possible if I didn't get myself my first DSLR few years back.

Ah I think I mention too many different topic at the same time and I wonder how should I title this post. Maybe let's get back to talk about people usual perception about bloggers. Are you willing to pay a blogger to write a blog?? Maybe I shall just start a discussion here. Should you pay bloggers??

I've been through stages of being bloggers who easily feeling satisfied by just watching movie for free, without wondering how it actually works and why they give bloggers free movie premiere tickets. But now from what I understand, I know that online exposure and 3rd person opinion is important to influence a customer whether they wanna watch that movie/ buy that certain item. Which is why now you see so many product reviews ranging from make-up, smartphones, restaurant or even hotel reviews. This is where advertorial begins in this digital era.

Many people don't understand how blogging works. Especially advertorial/sponsorship, a positive relationship between business client and bloggers is when they both agree on one thing and create win-win situation for each other. Sometime it is hard for both parties to work together because some client don't know how to work with bloggers, especially when it is their first time. That's why there are digital agencies who can become the middle person to assist cooperation between two parties. (Of course, if you are a blogger yourself and you understand what clients want, you can be the one proposing ideas to your client to work together, and vice versa) 

I am sure if you have been a blogger before, you will know how much attention and efforts needed in writing just one single blogpost. I am not sure bout you, but I spent quite long time in drafting a post especially when process and use my pictures to tell stories. The best thing could happen when you meet clients who willing to pay good money for what you are doing for them =) It is rewarding and makes you happy at the same time.

Sometimes I do accept simple advertorials from oversea clients and they are more flexible on things and idea that you propose. I would like to thanks my blogging clients who appreciate my work and hired me for many blogging services, especially you guys who continue approach me after our first work together. Thanks to media agency, PR and friends who recommend and assist me in many ways too =) Without you guys, blogging won't be that adventurous and fun to me.

*I have much more to share but it is time to sleep now...(trying to adjust back my bio-clock) *
Maybe you guys can give me ideas/ask questions on what you wanna know about blogging and photography as my target is to help more people out there who pursuing their dreams*

Here's a question to blogger or people who encounter this:
Usually how will you response when a so called 'charity organizer' who doing charity asking for your helps in contributing something for free? I've been approached to do blog posting or even sponsoring photography services. Do you think you should do for free? Yes/No. Why?

Received a good response on this question:

"That charity thing! It's really a tricky question, but in PR it's the easiest approach. For me, I would see if that charity is something that I want to contribute to, and by doing what and how I can help the charity. We should always understand the charity, understand the organization. Is there any big sponsors for the event? Do they have budget? Is the organizer getting a profit from this event or is it really ALL for "charity"? From there, you will find an answer. *just my personal opinion*" - Brian See
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