Sunflowers《太阳花》Short Film by Reservoir Production #SunFlowersShortFilm

Sunflowers《太阳花》Short Film
Sunflowers《太阳花》 is a short film by Reservoir Production and directed by Quek Shio Chuan. The story is about a struggling make-up artist who finally lands a job only to find that its not her ideal dream job that she had wished for but...

[UPDATE] You may watch it now on their YouTube Channel or just watch it below!

Sunflowers《太阳花》Short Film 

Ping 惠冰 visiting her lovely grandma who is in the hospital 
After the successful of Quek's previous short film 'Guang', it has been a big leap for Quek Shio Chuan in both filming and directing career. The idea of "Sunflowers" came to him during his grandather's funeral in early 2013. Lots of emotional thoughts rushed through his head when he looking at him for the last time through the glass panel of the coffin. Especially when he saw the pearl placed on his granfather's lip that caught his attention and sparked his curiosity to get to know more. The more he question the undertaker, the more he want to know the undertaker's profession and what actually happens behind closed curtains, the missing link we all do not see between a person's death to the moment he is presented to the family members.

Ping has a dream to become a professional make-up artist who do make-up for celebrities and stars

Ping, acted by Emily Chan Zying 陈子颖
Hui Ping is a young woman who aspires to become one of the top makeup artists. She comes from the little town of Muar, two hours and a half way from the busy city of Kuala Lumpur where she would travel to work everytime an opportunity comes along. Despite her commitment and passion towards her dreams, she struggles and faces fierce competition in the fashion industry. She also secretly dreams to travel to places like Taiwan and Hong Kong to makeup for famous celebrities and find the love of her life amongst them.

Emily Chan Zying 陈子颖 @ Sunflowers《太阳花》Cinema Premiere

With coincidence, she found this job that needs bravery and the passion to do it
BOSS (Yap Chin Fong 叶清方), is a veteran undertaker who provides bereavement services and hired Ping to work for him as the make-up artist
Boss, an old but veteran undertaker who provides a wide range of bereavement services from caskets to joss papers. He personally takes on the duty of beautifying the deceased and embalming. As the boss, he takes pride in his profession and manages a number of employees under him who takes on specific roles.

A time to be born and a time to die. A time to plant and a time to harvest.

My review for Sunflowers《太阳花》Short Film

Although "Sunflowers" short film is just roughly about 30 minutes, there were so many message within it that the director want to be share with the audience. I believe for some people especially elder people, it is a taboo to talk about death. However in this short film, you will able to spot Quek's father in it as a person who just passed away. He has no taboo with acting in this short film and I still remember he clapped loud after watching the short film. That's the clap of feeling proud with his son =)

The first thing I remember after watching the show is when the oldest son from a family said this in the short film, "Let the richest person to decide how long will be the bereavement ceremony". It immediately reminded me of the chaos that might happen in one's funeral where the relatives fight for the treasures/wills. Maybe I just watch too much drama but I think this could happen. There was another scene where a lady  was found dead due to snatch thieves.

Sunshine sunflowers will eventually wither one day
Through "Sunflowers", I know that there's lot more to be told for a story from undertaker's point of view. Definitely a good story to watch in conjunction with Qing Ming's season. Have you went to clean up your ancestor's graveyard these weekends? You will able to see may familiar faces from the production in this short film.

"A time to be born and a time to die. A time to plant and a time to harvest."

Director Quek's note for his executive producer, director ofphotography, producer and art director.

Thanks to Reservoir Production for the invitation, we've got the chance to watch it first before the official release on their YouTube Channel. The Sunflowers short film will release on 4.4.14 on YouTube in conjunction with the Ching Ming Festival.

Theme song: Sunflowers《太阳花》- Quek Shio Yee  郭修彧 Lyrics
作曲 Composer:郭修彧
OP :SmallBox Music
SP : Warner/Chappell Music Taiwan Ltd

作詞 Lyricist :郭進輝,管啟源
OP :FunkieMonkies Production Ptd Ltd
SP : Warner/Chappell Music Taiwan Ltd

Sunflowers太阳花 Theme Song- Quek Shio Yee 郭修彧 

[L-R] Quek Shio Yee, Ismail Kamarul, Quek Shio Chuan and Emily Chan Zying at 《Sunflowers 太阳花》special screening

Quek shared that "Sunflower" will be his last short film for now as he is looking forward to work together with Reservoir Production and interested sponsors who are looking forward to make a great movie this time. A good local production deserve great support! Just watch the video tomorrow on YouTube =) For more information, follow latest updates on and Reservoir YouTube Channel.

PS: Gotta update more photos and coverage soon from the press and fans screening. Didn't know Director Quek's sister, Quek Shio Yee  郭修彧 is a great singer too. Yeah, she sang the theme song for "Sunflowers"

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