A group photos of all drivers after PETRONAS Demo Run 2014 @ Kuala Lumpur!
It was a super sunny day, which means good for sport especially racing event! *vroom vroom* In conjunction with 2014 Formula 1 PETRONAS Malaysia Grand Prix that is going to be held from 28 March until 30 March at Sepang International Circuit, Petronas Motorsports gave the Malaysian fans a treat with their Annual Demo Run. It was my plessure to be invited as first few bloggers to cover this event again!! This demo run showcased Petronas involvement in motorsports especially Formula On, Cub Prix Championship, Asia Road Racing Championship, MotoGP, Asia Cup Series, and even Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters (DTM).

Blogger friends together with awesome PETRONAS staffs for Demo Run 2014!!
Khairul, KY, Budiey, Willy, Faizol, Zaid,  Nazuwan and Dyna

All media were given access to the paddock @ PETRONAS MOTORSPORTS DEMO RUN 2014!
Thanks to PETRONAS Brands, I was given the access to hang out at the paddock area before the event started. You can check out Mercedez AMG PETRONAS F1 Team attaching the racing car for Nico Rosberg (#6) and Lewis Hamilton (#44) to race on the track later.

Do I looks cool on this bike powered with PETRONAS Fuel? I think I look freaking handsome! Hahaha
If you are in this place at the right time with right people, you wouldn't resist yourself to take more photo right?? Thanks KY for helping me to take this photo! I looks awesome on this superbike.

The outfit that the biker must wear for protection during PETRONAS MOTORSPORTS DEMO RUN 2014
Without notice, PETRONAS gave us bloggers a HUUUUGE surprise!! Since there will be Pillion Ride and Taxi Ride for the lucky guests, they have reserved a few seats for us to join and guess what? I dare myself for the extremely "syiok" pillion ride!! Instead of sitting in a car protected by the steel cover, I took the challenge to enjoy myself speeding up and the adrenaline rush together with the awesome Ex-MotoGP rider Shahrol Yuzy. (More photos below)

A medical check-up to ensure you are healthy for this extreme sport. 
This is my first time checking my health condition in a Mobile Medical Center. No photos were allowed in the high-technology truck. They checked my heart-rate to ensure that my heart can support the upcoming extreme event. Thankfully I am strong enough for the Pillion Ride!!

While preparing for my Pillion Ride, five Cub Prix riders Affendi Rosli, Abdul Muhaimin Roslan, Ramdan Rosli, Ahmad Afif Amran, and Shariffudin Shamsuddin did a few laps of the temporary street course followed by the riders from FIM Asia Road Racing Championship led by Mohd Ramdan Rosli from Team Petronas AHM Malaysia.

Freestyle stunt riders @ PETRONAS MOTORSPORTS DEMO RUN 2014
Photo by KY

A selfie with the talented freestyle stunt rider - Aaron Twite and Nick Brocha
It was really cool to see both Aaron Twite and Nick Brocha doing crazy stunts with their Triumph bikes. Thankfully there is a huge TV Screen right beside the paddock so I can watch their performance while preparing for the Pillion Ride. 

Wearing multiple layers of protective suit for the Pillion Ride
To be honest, it was not easy to be a MotoGP rider. You gotta stay fit so that you can fit in the racing suit as I almost can't find my size hahaha. *blame my supper habit* I was wearing XXL size already and it fit me just perfectly. You will feel really hot with the suit so make sure you drink enough water and zip yourself up only when you are going for a race.

Here's me, together with Liz Kamaruddin, Senior General Manager of PETRONAS Group Strategic Communications, Ex-MotoGP rider Shahrol Yuzy (our driver) and also KY blogger buddy!

Pillion Ride @ 2014 Petronas Motorsports Demo Run

Thanks Joshua Ong for recording this priceless footage while we were on the Pillion Ride!! I was the third one to go for the pillion ride. To be honest I was really nervous an scared at the same time, maybe this is what adrenaline rush feels like. All that I can remember was to hold it tight and he speed all the way up across the stretch of Jalan Ampang. Wow... that feeling when Sharol did the cornering will be imprinted in my mind forever. You will never loosen your grip during this period.

Thanks Shahrol Yuzy for the fantastic ride!! *one more things done from the bucket list*

Here's a little idea on what you need to wear  if you were a MotoGP Racer *shy*
If only I have muscular side to showoff hahaha

Awesome food being served at the VIP Lounge
 After that Pillion Ride, I was hungry and really need some time to cool myself down. Glad that they are serving good food and drinks in the venue =) *appreciate*

After a while, the talented young driver Afiq Ikhwan Yazid did a few laps and create donuts at the center of Jalan Ampang with his Formula Asia Cup Series car.

Lewis Hamilton waved to the fans and supporters after his 
Lewis Hamilton rewarded the crowd with his V8 screaming out loud while he show off his driving skill in such tight space. Imagine while cornerning Lewis just need to twist the steering and the V8 turned 180 degree perfectly. Isn't that impressive?! I believe a good racing vehicle will need to paired with good fuel and lubricant to reach that performance. PETRONAS Motorsports really did well on this =D

Burn burn burn!! The tyres emitting heavy smokes while  Mercedes-Benz C-Coupe DTM spinning at the center of the road
Another close up of that moment

Daniel Juncadella also did some stunt with his Mercedes-Benz C-Coupe DTM. There were a few lucky guests manage to take on this extreme ride as well!

Lewis Hamilton getting ready for a group photo when it is near to an end for the demo run

Lewis Hamilton taking a photo of PETRONAS Twin Towers in the middle of the road

Here's my view on PETRONAS Twin Towers. Weather was hot but the sky looks perfect

Close to an end for PETRONAS MOTORSPORTS DEMO RUN 2014,  2014 Australian GP winner Nico Rosberg drove the Mercedes F1 W03 on the track and did tons of crazy stunt too. This is the moment you enjoy that loud noise emitted from the W03's engine. Here's some panning photo to feature Nico Rosberg.

Nico Rosberg waving hand to the crowd while speeding on Jalan Ampang

Donuts created by Nico Rosberg on the road. Phew!!

Here's a group photo of all drivers who performed at PETRONAS MOTORSPORTS DEMO RUN 2014
To end the demo run, here's a group photo of all drivers who involved in this demo run. My favourite photo is non-other than the first photo you saw at the top of this post =) Ah~ I love my fish-eye lens!!


Lewis Hamilton appointed as Technical Performance Consultant (TPC) for PETRONAS PRIMAX in Malaysia
There was a PDB Press Conference held after the event. Lewis Hamilton was appointed as Technical Performance Consultant (TPC) for PETRONAS PRIMAX in Malaysia and he shared that he can't wait to share his knowledge and experience to make PETRONAS PRIMAX a better product for the consumers.

For 2014, this relationship has been significantly enhanced with PETRONAS and the MERCEDES technical teams in Brackley and Brixworth working hand in hand to develop a high-performance racing machine withint the new parameters of FIA regulations.

This includes developing the PETRONAS fuel and engine oil technology, such as PETRONAS PRIMAX and PETRONAS SYNTIUM, to work towards optimising the engine's performance on the race tracks. With greater emphasis on fuel efficiency this season, PETRONAS has to ensure that every drop of PETRONAS PRIMAX and PETRONAS SYNTIUM that goes into the car is engineered to deliver optimum performance and ultimately translate into distince improvements in lap times.

I personally love this photo of Lewis Hamilton interact with the mom and her cute daughter
*capture precious moments*

Since there was an opportunity, of course I need to do a selfie. Thank you Lewis!!

A photo with happy bunch of friends when event come to an end

Another #TCSelfie

Thanks PETRONAS Staff for all the arrangement that day!

2014 Formula 1 PETRONAS Malaysia Grand Prix happened at Sepang International Circuit from 28 March until 30 March. I hope you didn't miss this opportunity to witness Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton racing on the circuit! More info at  www.formula1.com,  PETRONAS Motorsports FB Page and MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS FB Page.

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