I'm Shooting #ReachOutMY 2014 @ Taylor's Lakeside [5.4.2014]

Reach Out 2014 @ Taylor's Lakeside
5 April 2014
If you've follow my blog you would have know that #ReachOutMY is back again this year at Taylor's Lakeside. In respect of MH370, the stage and event has been scaled and toned down.

  • To inspire urban youth by engaging international icons to share their experiences in volunteerism
  • To share that volunteer opportunities come in a variety of exciting platforms
There was a giveaway through 1Malaysia For Youth for Meet and Greet session with YouTube Sensations Kina Grannis, Madilyn Bailey, Jason Chen, Jun Sung Ahn, David Choi, Elizabeth Tan and JinnyboyTV at Reach Out 2014!

After Sodagreen Concert, I guess this is will be another concert (but smaller scale) and convention that I am going to cover this month. There was a Press Conference just now and all I could say is you can expect good music performance by your favourite YouTubers and be inspired by the speakers and presenters of the day.
Captured moments during #ReachOutMY Press Conference

Captured moments during #ReachOutMY Press Conference
Kina Grannis and Madilyn Bailey are gorgrous =)

Another energy pose of the speakers and YouTubers @ Taylor's Lakeside

A few lucky Taylorians manage to grab group shot with the awesome Youtubers =)

My favourite #TCFishEye =)

Rehearsal in the convention hall of Taylor's Lakeside University
Since I am going to cover the whole event, gotta know the flow of their night performance by witness their rehearsal and how the lightings gonna be. It was fun looking at how the talented YouTubers work together to give a good performance tomorrow.

I'm ready for #ReachOutMY! See you tomorrow!
Okie I think I better rest now because tomorrow morning will have a graduation and family photoshoot for friends and continued with the whole day event #ReachOutMY starting from 2PM till 11PM! Seems like the concert is really FREE and you are highly recommended to come and register yourself at 1PM tomorrow.

PS: I don't know why but it seems like I will become an introvert when I meet so many awesome people at the same time. I don't really talk much ... Anyway, it was really good to see they work together to harmonise a song and so on. I enjoyed that moment and was just thinking of how to capture that precious moment of them and the fans who are coming tomorrow. Hopefully I will able to capture great photos to impress them in a way since I can't sing or play instrument well haha! 

Good night and wish me luck!!

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