[REVIEW] Jersey Boys Live in Kuala Lumpur. I Love it!

Jersey Boys Live In Malaysia @ Istana Budaya. Love it =D
Jersey Boys Live In Malaysia @ Istana Budaya. Love it =D

Not sure if you guys know about Jersey Boys but I actually heard about them during my London Olympic 2012 trip. Saw it showing on one of the theatre but I wasn't sure how good is the show until I got the opportunity to watch it live at Istana Budaya, Kuala Lumpur.

Thanks to organiser Milestone Production and Nuffnang (Official Social Media) I've got the chance to not only watch 'Jersey Boys' Live in Kuala Lumpur but also manage to make three lucky readers' dream comes true when they able to watch it live. If you didn't join my giveaway earlier you've missed quite a lot good stuff ;p

Jersey Boys is about a group of four talented man which one of the member has the high pitch that not every man could have. Some people may say his unique voice sound gay but I truly think that it is a blessing for him who can sing so well even when it is live in the theatre! Just like QingFeng from Sodagreen, his voice is unique and identical but good to hear although his pitch is higher than average guy. Not everyone can beat his high pitch vocals yo. Let me share more photos taken during the event:
Istana Budaya view at night
Istana Budaya view at night
Going to Istana Budaya after office hour is quite jam so you are advised to go there earlier. I went there alone but glad was accompany by 3 sweet lady who won the tickets from TianChad.com *girlfriend gonna kick me saying this lol*

Thanks to you guys for your continuous support reading this space.  I am glad I can share good perks with my readers and hopefully you guys like the giveaway so far. I will definitely do more giveaway as long there are generous sponsors out there. Hmm... Taylor Swift sounds good right? Haha!

Meet Iris, Melanie and Amanda the lucky readers who won tickets from me. They really deserve it =D
Meet Iris, Melanie and Amanda the lucky readers who won tickets from me. They really deserve it =D

Bump into many nuffies that night dressed up for Jersey Boys!
Bump into many nuffies that night dressed up for Jersey Boys!

Bobo Stephanie and her husband Jojo. They looks good together =)
Bobo Stephanie and her husband Jojo. They looks good together =)

Jersey Boys @ Istana Budaya KL [19 April 2014]
Jersey Boys @ Istana Budaya KL [19 April 2014]
Since cameras are prohibited during the show, I didn't bring my DSLR but brought my lovely SONY RX100 with me that night. *sneaky mode* It is one awesome compact cam that can zoom in so much and take great close up photos. *above is a stealthy captured photo from Upper Circle seats*

Four Seasons - Walk Like A Man @ Istana Budaya KL [19 April 2014]
Four Seasons - Walk Like A Man @ Istana Budaya KL [19 April 2014]
In summary, Jersey Boys' whole production crews did a very good job in showing us a very smooth musical theatre. I can't believe they all sing live and can be that well! I have always wonder where's the mic when they moving around here and there singing/talking without mic haha. I guess I will be very tiring if I need to sing continuously without rest for hours. That's why I salute them! The whole performance was fun and entertaining, especially when they sing so well for all the classic song like 'Sherry', 'Walk Like A Man' and many more. Love the ending with 'Who Loves You'. You can definitely listen to the songs on Spotify:

Jersey Boys Original Broadway Cast Recording

I wish I could sit nearer to the stage because I was wearing my contact lens but it wasn't sharp enough for me to see them clearly. The show started from 8.30pm to 11.00pm with a 20 minutes break. You can buy food and drinks like sandwiches and smoothies at RM10/item.

After the two hours plus show, there was a Meet and Greet session with Jersey Boys crew and it seems that there will be different people for every session. You can purchase a special Jersey Boys booklet which cost around RM20 and you can get autographs from them during the Jersey Boys Meet and Greet Session.

Thanks to event marshall heloing me taking this photo while I getting autographs from Emmanuel Castis =)
Thanks to event marshall heloing me taking this photo while I getting autographs from Emmanuel Castis =)

Picture with Kenneth Meyer as Bob Gaudio in Jersey Boys
Picture with Kenneth Meyer as Bob Gaudio in Jersey Boys

A picture with Emmanuel Castis who play as Nick Massi in Jersey Boys
A picture with Emmanuel Castis who play as Nick Massi in Jersey Boys

Picture of Iris with Emmanuel Castis
Picture of Iris with Emmanuel Castis
Since Iris was there to watch Jersey Boys as my partner of the night on 17 April 2014. Let's see what she think about Jersey Boys:

"If anyone asked me how was the Jersey Boys yesterday night? I would smile and tell them, "I am speechless". Not the bad kind of speechless but more to the "I can't believe it is happening in front of my eyes... is it a dream?" kind of speechless. It is true. Through out the entire show, I was mesmerized by the enthusiasm showed by the actors, the colors of the stage design and of course, not forgetting, those nostalgic tunes that was playing over and over again in my head. Everything about it was spectacular! 
The Jersey Boys is about the story of Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons. Older ones will frown at me and asked,"What do you know about the Four Seasons? It is not even your generation!" But they do not know that I was born in a family filled with music lovers and I grew up listening to oldies. So yes, all these songs plays a huge role in my childhood. That explained how desperate I am when I found out that they are coming to Malaysia! I immediately perked up and started to search for contests as I couldn't afford the ticket. Cutting long story short, I won a VIP ticket from Tian Chad (Thank you, again and again) and yesterday just blew me away! The cast portraying the original Four Members are Grant Almirall (Frankie Valli), Daniel Buys (Tommy DeVito), Emmanuel Castis (Nick Massi) and Kenneth Meyer (Bob Gaudio). Including other supporting casts, they are all world-class performer. I had always watched other actors such as John Lloyd Young and Ryan Molly as Frankie Valli on Youtube but Grant Almirall did not let me down. He hits each and every high note and his portrayal was as spectacular as what I expected from Young and Molloy. I was drawn!!! Songs after songs, I felt like I was taken back in time, humming to those familiar tunes. It was indeed a different feeling watching it live as compared to what you hear on Spotify or watch on Youtube. Seeing the stage change in between scenes gives a very unique feeling that you can only get when you watch it live. The props switch was really smooth and to a musical rookie like me, it was almost magical.  
So what was my favorite scene you asked? There are so many to choose from but my personal favorite was the "Sherry", "Big Girls Don't Cry", "Walk Like a Man" stretch. I had this temptation to actually get down and join them on stage (laughs). And of course, who can forget the moment Frankie belted out the familiar, "Can't Take My Eyes Off You"... I WAS ALMOST IN TEARS. The final scene was epic! "Who Loves You" had been one of my favorite song from them. And of course, what other song is more suitable to end the show than another round of "December 1963 (Oh, What A Night) where the entire cast can be seen dancing to the song and finally make their way off stage. Trust me, my drive home, I was singing the songs all the way home.

So, here I am, the next morning post-Jersey Boys, suffering from Jersey Boys withdrawal syndrome, listening to their songs on Spotify and writing this review with full of nostalgia. A story of a night that I will never forget. If I have a chance to go and watch again, I would. And this time, I will not be too shy to dance along to the music."
To be honest, I am glad that I choose the right person to go with me for Jersey Boys. Iris, I am glad you like it!! Can see that you really enjoy the show and thanks for sharing your comment about this show.

With Jojo, Bobo Stephanie, Timothy Tiah and Audrey Ooi blogging buddies
That's all for my view about Jersey Boys show in Malaysia. You shall go and watch it yourself before it ends by 27th April 2014. Oh ya!! I got good perks to share with you. Since I got this voucher from the lucky draw I shall share with you guys. If you want to purchase tickets with special price, grab 40% discount by type 'Special40' and SMS to 0125150670 for the discount promo code* to purchase online. For more information about Jersey Boys Live in Malaysia, visit www.facebook.com/jerseyboys.malaysia

*Limited to 4 tickets per voucher and offer valid till 27 April 2014 and I just told that you still need that voucher when you collect the tickets from Box Office...*

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