Nuffnang's 7th Birthday Bash @ Barbecue Garden, KL Life Centre #Nuffnangis007

Nuffnang celebrated 7th Birthday at Barbeque Garden, KL Live #Nuffnangis007
Nuffnang celebrated 7th Birthday at Barbecue Garden, KL Life Centre #Nuffnangis007

All right, exactly one month earlier Nuffnang was celebrating their 7th birthday at Barbecue Garden, KL Life Centre with the theme of 'James Bond stranded at tropical place'. Since it is an open air restaurant, I didn't want to wear coat/long sleeve to the event and wore my usual striking green and sheep shirt to the event. 

In stead of driving to the event venue, we called an Uber Ride to send us to Barbecue Garden, KL Life Centree. Uber Taxi ride is much more premium if compared to MyTeksi because you will be in a cool car like Mercedez Benz. Now check out all the event photos espcially my cool ride to KL =D

Thanks Uber for the exclusive ride!! Driver was very friendly and helpful
Since I stay in Puchong, it always take quite some time for me to go KL for event/press conference. Sometimes jam will definitely make you frustrated to the max (especially during and after working hour). The idea for Uber taxi ride is to ease your pain by offering you a premium ride to your desired location (eg. party or night club). You will definitely arrive in style with awesome ride but the total fees from Puchong to KL Life Centre will cost around RM74. Thanks Nuffnang for the RM100 voucher credit to cover the cost for first time user.

If you wanna try out Uber ride, you may use this voucher code 'ubertianchad' to get RM30 off for your first ride,

Audi R8 inside KL Life Centre for photo session. x Uber KL

Okie I shall drive and Audi R8 home some day =D

Barbecue Garden @ KL Life Centre , 3rd Floor Rooftop

A customized #Nuffnangis007 backdrop for photo session with my sexiest bondgirl XOXO
Apparently I dressed as Heineken instead of 'James Bond in tropical city' ha! Thanks SaiMatKong for helping us to take this photo.

Beautiful Nuffie at the registration counter passing us our goodie bag
Inside got Mamee Chef Cup, Corntoz and many more vouchers.

Timothy Tiah, co-founder of Nuffnang giving speech
To be honest, when I arrive at the event venue, I can barely recognize the bloggers and nuffies because there are always new faces to be recognized and to make new friends. Definitely miss good old nuffies and blogger friends ++ So fast it has been the 7th birthday for Nuffnang some more. Means I have been blogging for many years  and grow old with Nuffnang too. Ah.... I sound so old ... hahaha! *sedih*

My partners in crime is non other than Msxeroz and friends =D Yeah we all tropical themed outfit haha
Oh yah, this whole blog post will share photos taken using my lovely DSLR and the fisheye lens. I've been using this fisheye lens for a very long time and it contributed a lot for so many #TCSelfie. Okie please continue scrolling =)

Freshly barbecued lamb slice and buffet food
The event started quite late and I was super hungry for food. Glad that Barbecue Garden @ KL Life Centre prepared all sorts of good food for hungry bunch of us. I am glad that in KL City you can now enjoy freshly grilled barbecue delights from around the world such as Sugarcane Grilled Beef, Bacon and Cheese skewers as well as a selection of beers, wines and signature cocktails. Definitely a suitable place to hang out with family and friends.

Barbecue in action at Barbecue Garden,  KL Life Centre

Many people waiting at this station for fresh barbeque skewer. I hope I can try their barbecued prawn during my next visit. 

Special dance performance by Celebrity Fitness

iDart as part of the game for bloggers to play and complete mission
Actually that day it self has many things going on. Bloggers can play some games to solve the puzzle finding who stole Nuffnang 007 Birthday Cake. Other than that, bloggers also encouraged to do many social update with related hastag to win awesome prizes like RM1,000 WOWWW Photobooth voucher, Win exclusive UBER Ride with Audi A8 and many more! Too much things to do at once and I was there to say hi with Nuffies and Blogger buddies for sure. Since photography is my passion I can't resist myself to take some photos to document this event.

*why Nuffnang never hire me as their official photographer? Hahaha *

Kevin from Traxxx FM was the emcee of the night giving free gift to bloggers who answered simple questions
MsXeroz just won some MAMEE Chef product =)

Free flow of Heineken during the party is best match with barbecue food
*I think free flow ended around 10PM*

Many props to wear at WOWWWPhotobooth but it has closed when we wanna take photo =(
So...  #TCSelfie lah!
Here's to a series of #TCSelfie with awesome blogger buddies I have known throughout my blogging journey.

SaiMatKong, JoshuanOng, Eric Leeh, Ernest Ng

Fashionista Brian See

Elwyn, Haze Long, KYSpeaks

'Kawan bermisiai', Ka Wah, Shahzeeq, Haze and KY

Audrey Ooi and Bobo Stephanie

Timothy Tiah family and friends =)

Joshua Ong, Rachel Tan

KarWei and friend

Kanmani and new blogging friends =)
Seems like Joshua can handle my selfie cam very well ;p
Brian See, Povy Teng, Msxeroz, Imxeroz, SaiMatKong, my bubu and Joshua Ong


Best dress finalist for Nuffnang Birthday Party

Winners who won SuperDry Tote Bag worth RM150 for being best dressed =)
*love this candid shot*

Who can be the best James Bond with Nuffnang Umbrella?

Joel Wong is smart enough to get Fishie as a bondgirl. Hence he won!!

A little view of Barbecue Garden interior, well ventilated with  mobile cooling system

@belleye78 – Social Butterfly (Most social media coverage of #NuffnangIs007)

@ericleeh – Best Instagram Photo (Capture #NuffnangIs007 on Instagram)

Havoc when Nuffnang birthday cake is out. Everyone rushing to take a photo

Nuffie pop confetti when others blowing the birthday cake
*my favourite shot throughout the event*

#Nuffnangis007 @ Barbecue Garden @ KL Life Centre
Oh yeah, that night was a fruitful night as I won Master Griller Award (Best picture of F&B and view of Barbecue Garden Malaysia at #NuffnangIs007). Thanks Barbecue Garden for the awards and I guess my girlfriend don't mind using that Strip Voucher HAHAHA. For more detailed event coverage please head over Nuffnang Blog. Nuffie Janice Kok did a great write up about it =)

I hope you guys like the photos I took and do feel free to hire me as your event photographer. Brought to you by “Sky Arts Production x - Capture Precious Moments". Oh ya, I've done quite a few concert photography assignment and hope anyone of you can recommend me to document more concerts held in Malaysia. I can assure you I can tell good story through my photos. Don't believe? Feel free to check out my previous concert assignment:

I am looking forward for Taylor Swift (June 11) and 2NE1 (May 24) Live in Malaysia and hopefully I can be one of the concert photographer to document their moments in Malaysia!! If you know the right person in related field, please kindly recommend me to them ya =D I will definitely thank you very much and return your favours!! The least I can do also will belanja you makan one. I promise =)


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