Friend Zone & Forever Alone. Really?

You'd understand right? You always do...

'Friend-zoning' does happen in some people's life and I've seen that happen to a friend who has went through above mentioned stages and ends up "Forever Alone" after spending so much time with her. Well, some girl do think that they can be friends with guys(without any further relationship development) but that's not how most guys think about it. Please refer to this video survey to find out why men and women can't be just friends.

I find this video "Alone, forever?" is nicely scripted and edited with related music and tone. You can read the directors notes here! Thumbs up for Malaysia Talented YouTuber!!

Writer & Director: Ming H.
Co-director, Videography & Editing: Bryan LYT
Music by: Edwin T. & Ming H.
Cast: Marianne T., Sam C., Ming H.
Narration: Ming H.

Here's an advice to those who went through the above mentioned "stages". Sometimes you just have to be brave enough to show the love earlier instead of waiting for the right moment. This is to prevent a sudden come back of the boyfriend that grab her back again an walla 'Friend zoned'~

The girl and the guy both pretty and handsome, but what happened? I am waiting for upcoming video.

If there's a girl (that you admire) buzz you to be her listener about her relationship issue. Will you be there for her 24 hours? What would you do next?

Today also mark the day where something happen in my life and this post was written to remember this moment. Two person get together but one day they want to be separated. I don't know how future will be but stay positive and look at the brightside will be the best way to breakthrough all these new encounter in my life.

PS: No worries, I am still loving-doving with my girlfriend. Just continue bless us kay? =')

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