The Descendant 香火 NTV7 2012 Blockbuster Drama Series

The Descendant 香火 @ NTV7 |
The Descendant 香火Starting 9th February, every Monday to Thursday at 10 p.m., only on ntv7

ntv7 《香火》预告片 The Descendant Trailer
After watch the trailer it makes me feel so stressed about how thing turns out just because they want to continue the bloodline in past century. Luckily now time has changed and it is not that traditional and strict anymore. The Descendant is actually a good success to see quality drama series produced by local production crews and actors. Hope Malaysia entertainment will become better and more awesome in future time!

"剧长30集的《香火》,以制香厂的大家族为故事背景,剧情将会回朔20年代至60 年代的制香业情景。本剧以制香厂的大家族为背景,探讨继承人应属亲生骨肉,抑或能者居之?而一个传统的制香家族,潜藏着人性悲观的宿命论。一对被命运作弄 的姐妹,同时爱上了一个为家族延续香火,也将家族推向灭亡的男人,3人错综复杂的关系,因此点燃了纠缠不清的宿命火苗。"

Press conference was held to celebrate the premiere of The Descendant. Below are the actor and cast who attended.

The Descendant 香火 @ NTV7 |
[L-R] Frederick Lee, Leslie Chai, Brenda Chiah, Debbie Goh, Tan Hau Yen, Yeo Yann Yann, Steve Yap and Kyo Chen

What is it that makes period dramas appeal to the audience as big productions just like ntv7’s first blockbuster period drama, Age Of Glory, which garnered explosive ratings in the past? The answer lies within the strong line-up of cast that is coupled with a dramatic plot and major efforts made into customising sets, make-up, hairdos, costumes, and dialogues. With a high benchmark set by its predecessors including Golden Awards 2010 Best Drama Series, The Iron Lady, ntv7’s latest period drama – The Descendant 香火 – which will air beginning 9th February, every Monday to Thursday at 10 p.m., takes no easy approach in its production.

Infused with new, groundbreaking elements, The Descendant makes history with the strongest pairing of cast ever in a local Chinese drama series with both award winning actresses, Yeo Yann Yann (Golden Awards 2010 Best Actress) and Debbie Goh (Golden Awards 2010 Most Popular Actress), taking the leading roles in this epic series. Joining them are Steve Yap, Frederick Lee, Leslie Chai, Brenda Chiah, Kyo Chen, Tan Hau Yen, and Ernest Chong (Golden Awards 2010 Best Supporting Actor).

Shot in various locations including Penang, Klang, and Kuala Lumpur, the 30-episode drama series spans from the 1920s – 1960s. Setting against the backdrop of the incense-making industry, the drama revolves around the conflicts of three generations of a large family.

The Descendant Synopsis:
A teacher in the rural area, Chen Yu Lin (starring Steve Yap) is forced to return to his homeland and is destined to marry Shen Dan Fang (starring Yeo Yann Yann) to inherit the family business after the merger of both families’ incense-making business. For the sake of his family business, Yu Lin has made an agreement with his father-in-law so that the first son that he bore with Dan Fang would be given her surname in order to ensure the Shen bloodline.

On the day of the wedding, Yu Lin is shocked to realise that his lover from the rural area, Shen Yu Hua (starring Debbie Goh), is none other than his wife’s younger sister. Unable to accept the fact, Yu Hua and Yu Lin could only bury their emotions deep down.

An ill-fated Yu Hua has been deemed as a jinx since her birth and has been entrusted by her father into the hands of her nanny. Dan Fang takes pity in her sister and begs her father to let Yu Hua come home. However, having met each other daily, Yu Hua and Yu Lin could hardly contain their feelings and commit adultery eventually. Angered by it, the father of Dan Fang and Yu Hua becomes seriously ill and subsequently passes away. Blaming Yu Hua for the death of their father and for the damage done to her marriage, Dan Fang drives her sister away from home. Yu Lin becomes remorseful for his actions and tries to numb himself with work.

While Yu Lin and Dan Fang deal with their marriage problems, their enemy, Jin De Tang challenges them to an incense contest, and manages to steal the “Best Incense” title from Yu Lin. A guilt-stricken Yu Lin could hardly eat or sleep, and end up dying in despair. On the day of Yu Lin’s funeral, Yu Hua returns home, and when a devastated Dan Fang learns that Yu Hua is pregnant with Yu Lin’s child, she locks her up in their house.

Dan Fang at first wishes to kill Yu Hua’s child, but after being dissuaded by her mother-in-law, she promises to let Yu Hua gives birth to the child. Nevertheless, the baby dies in childbirth and this devastates Yu Hua gravely.

Eight years later, thinking that her own karma has killed the child, Yu Hua has been faithfully dedicating her time in praying. Dan Fang has now become the owner of the family’s business after the passing of her husband. Her children are already grown up and married: the eldest son, Shen Siang Hai (starring Leslie Chai) has gained the trust of the mother and is set to take over the family business, but Dan Fang’s eldest daughter, Chen Shan Shu (starring Brenda Chiah) and youngest son, Chen Siang Yang (starring Kyo Chen), are upset by it and try many times to usurp power. Siang Yang’s brother-in-law, Wen Shang Qin (starring Ernest Chong) also gangs up with Shan Shu and Siang Yang to go against the poor Siang Hai.

Meanwhile, a kind-hearted Siang Hai takes in an orphan, Gou Zhai (starring Tan Hau Yen). Impressed by his intelligence, he gets the boy to work for him. Dan Fang grows to like Gou Zhai and stubbornly wishes to make him her godson despite protests from her children. On the day of making him her godson, the loyal housekeeper, Chen Gui (starring Frederick Lee) who harbours feelings for Yu Hua, informs her of Gou Zhai’s identity. Knowing that Dan Fang still has hatred against her, Yu Hua refrains from acknowledging the boy as her son. Nevertheless, Siang Hai later perishes in the fire while trying to save Gou Zhai, and his parentage is thus exposed.

Dan Fang is shocked to learn that Gou Zhai is Yu Hua’s son, and her attitude towards him changes greatly since. Yu Hua sees her son being tortured and abused, and begins to hold a grudge against Dan Fang. To protect Gou Zhai, she resorts to ruthless measures in harming Dan Fang and her children in her attempt to make him the new towkay.


In her speech at the press conference today, Lai Cheah Yee, Manager (Brand Management Group) of ntv7 pointed out the uniqueness of this drama series and its significant storyline which is said to be close to the hearts of the Chinese. “The Descendant discusses issues such as superstitions, destinies, feng shui, and even sexist beliefs prevalent in Chinese society,” said Cheah Yee.

“Its Chinese title, ‘Xiang Huo’, literally ‘the burning of incense’, denotes the meaning of ‘descendant’ and ‘heir’, thus reflecting the main premise of the drama about the Chinese conservative thinking on inheritance and bloodline,” she added.

The Descendant 香火 @ NTV7 |
Debbie Goh was sharing her experience while casting and being cruely hit by Yann Yann. After that, Yann Yann bought a massage machine as an apology of being in the drama character too much.

Yeo Yann Yann and Debbie Goh who attended the press conference were seen shedding tears after the preview of the trailer. “When I was watching the trailer, I wasn’t thinking the fact that I played the character but instead I can feel for my character as she went through lots of adversities,” said Yann Yann.

“Debbie and I were emotionally drained out after filming this series. I was so worn-out that I slept so much during my holiday after that. It was really an experience!” added Yann Yann.

One may assume that a huge production as this will require expertise from other countries. The Descendant however, is an entirely local production from screenplay, screenwriter, to director and actors. Meanwhile, the local Chinese drama series which air during primetime on ntv7, has continuously recorded high ratings for year 2011. “We are very encouraged by the numbers and we look forward to more quality local productions and what better way to honour the most gifted and skilled talents in the Malaysian Chinese TV industry and at the same time, bring the industry to higher standards and recognition from its regional and worldwide peers with the upcoming Golden Awards which will be held for the second time after its inaugural in 2010,” said Cheah Yee.

Don’t forget to catch ntv7’s 2012 blockbuster mega drama series, The Descendant, starting 9th February, every Monday to Thursday at 10 p.m., only on ntv7, the Home of Feel Good.

For more information on the show, log on to and, or follow the ntv7 Facebook and Twitter.

The Descendant 香火 @ NTV7 |
Yeo Yann Yann admit that she really "hate" the whole family while acting in the show.

The Descendant 香火 @ NTV7 |
Yeo Yann Yann and Debbie Goh

The Descendant 香火 @ NTV7 |
In "The Descendant" they are sisters that fall in love with the same men (Steve Yap)

The Descendant 香火 @ NTV7 |
Steve Yap

The Descendant 香火 @ NTV7 |
In the end did Yann Yann manage to grab Steve Yap's heart from Debbie Goh?

The Descendant 香火 @ NTV7 |
Leslie Chai and Brenda Chiah were giving out angpows to the media at the press conference
Thanks for the angpow! =)

The Descendant 香火 @ NTV7 |
Group photo of the talented actors who attended The Descendant Press Con

Don’t forget to catch ntv7’s 2012 blockbuster mega drama series, The Descendant, starting 9th February, every Monday to Thursday at 10 p.m., only on ntv7, the Home of Feel Good.

For more information on the show, log on to and, or follow the ntv7 Facebook and Twitter.


The Descendant Roadshow 《香火》造势活动

10 Mar
1pm 檳城Gurney Plaza (one FM 玩Fun天)
8pm 太平 Taiping Central Mall

11 Mar
1pm 安順Rapid Mall Seri Intan (one FM 玩Fun天)
8pm 吉隆坡甲洞 Brem Mall

THere has been many query regarding the songs in The Descendant 《香火》, so here are the list of song in this Chinese Dramma:

《香火》的片尾曲:灰 - 伍家辉
Download here

《香火》的主题曲:香火 - 吴天瑜和杨雁雁
Download here

PS: The admin of "The Descendant" said the Facebook page must reach 1k fans first then only will provide the download link for that song =)

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