BLOGGER MEME: What People Really Think I Do

Internet MEME has been blooming and spreading on my FB wall. Do you remember this GAG Quartet Internet Medley on YouTube? Some of the MEMEs are kinda related to me (especially the photographer meme) and so I think.... Why don't I create a MEME about BLOGGER and see who will agree/disagree with me? Hence, with some time picking all the pictures taken through my camera. I wish it can somehow symbolize the story behind.

MEME: What Blogger Do |
MEME: What people Think Blogger Do

Now do allow me to explain why:

What Society Think I Do (Pict source: Golden Palm Tree Trip)
For people who don't know what blogger do, they might assume oh he just need to blog about 'anything' to earn money. Easy money and always live in luxurious state. Thanks to blogging, I am able to travel to certain place that I never thought of.

What My Dad Think I Do (Pict source: LUXY Dance Club Advertorial)
I guess that's what my dad think I would do as I always attend events organized by Johnnie Walker, Hennessy Artistry and lots more beer event from GAB (eg. Heineken, Tiger, Carlsberg and etc). These totally open my eyes but I've never get drunk in these event because I 'Never Drink and Drive'. So dad, don't worry about me over drinking kay? =)

What My Mom Think I Do (Pict source: GD&TOP + Seungri @ Singapore F1 Grand Prix)
Just hope that she doesn't think I strip for money haha! Well, my mom is kinda supportive after she know I can make some income through blogging. But I am not sure what other bloggers' mom think about their children posting own revealing pretty photos online. However no doubt pretty lady who know how to make-up, dress nicely and camwhore with their deep cleavage is a good way in getting high blog viewer-ship. As for guys? You can only be sexy if you have body-built like David Gandy. Or else, just be as funny as Kenwooi. No I am not saying Kenwooi not as sexy as David Gandy #punintended

What My Friends Think I Do (Pict source: Johnnie Walker Black Circuit Lounge)
Some of my friends will think that I've always hang out with pretty ladies all the time. Nuff said. Well, it is always good to see beautiful girl AND handsome guy who know how to dress up so well. As a photographing enthusiast, I've always wanted to capture down those pretty moments =)
After all, we are just friends!

What My Girlfriend Worry I Do
(Pict source: LUXY Dance Club Advertorial)
I've always go out for event meeting new people and undeniable I have higher chance meeting both handsome guys and pretty girls. Sometimes I was tagged in a group photo with tons of pretty girls and the next day my girlfriend will pull out the spike club and spank me! #justkidding hahaha! Truth to be told, most girlfriend will worry what their boyfriend was doing out there. Luckily my girlfriend put enough trust in me and I do my responsibility too. You can flirt, but just with your partner kay? haha

What People Think Blogger Want (Pict Source: Newman 6th Anniversary Party)
Ah this one interesting. Some people do thought that what blogger want is Goodies Bag. Please refer to 'Shit Malaysian Blogger Say' as there's motion pictures example provided. Yes, I've seen bloggers who love goodie bag so much that they asked for more but that doesn't represent all bloggers. I've attended hundreds to thousand events and received many kind of goodies bag, some are giving really customized and useful stuff but some are just like a small token of appreciation for you to come. So far one of my favourite door gift is fromVolkswagen Das Auto Show 2011. Do note that blogger doesn't necessarily want goodie bag from you. Some times little respect is more than enough.

What Client Thinks I Do (Pict Source: Cooling Genting Themepark + Dazzle Show)
Clients here referred to as my blog advertiser, people who hire me for my blogging/photography services. Hereby want to thanks all client who are interested and hired me for advertorial and I really appreciate those who saw my efforts putting into writing their advertorial and continue using my services =) [Eg. Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Review & Nescafe Chill-Lah Express Contest] Although sometimes the advertorial came down last minute but I hope I did the 'magic' well.

What I Think I Do (Pict Source: Toshiba Summer Art Collection)
Well, I've never thought of becoming a fulltime blogger until I get involved with it and one of the big reason is Nuffnang was formed. You can read 'My Nuffnang Story' here. It is like drawing art where you have freedom to decide what you want to do, what color to choose, what to draw and share with anyone. Now is the age of public sharing and I found blogging is one of the way that gives us opportunity to enjoy some once-a-lifetime-experience and share with others. To be honest, if I didn't find passion through blogging, I might still working in an enclosed science lab doing microbes research.

What I Really Do (Pict Source: Jess Lee 李佳薇 @ Tiger Asian Music Festival)
The reason I choose the photo is because Jess Lee's song 煎熬@Suffering somehow represent me in certain time. Especially during the time when I didn't have stable income through blogging and parents weren't convinced with my decision of going fulltime with it. Thank god, the most suffering moment has gone and I am now getting better by doing freelance photography for wedding, portrait and events. The 'suffer' that I mean are when people thought that I earn easy money by just simple post up a blog post and some people just expect us to blog for free no matter how much time and efforts been given to write a post for their event & stuff. And no, your goodies bag doesn't mean everything for us.

Do note that blogger don't have stable income as your fulltime job, it really depends on the advertising season and client who are interested with your services. Furthermore, we don't have EPF & SOSCO +++ (Unless you open own company and pay them by yourselves)

Overall, every profession has its ups and down and I really hope that people who ask for our services will appreciate our efforts and time putting into it. Time is gold and in this world there's no free food by doing nothing.

So dear bloggers, PR, advertiser and you who are reading this. What do you think about BLOGGER? =)

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