My 1st Birthday Celebration in 2011. Cheers!

Since not everyone is free to celebrate my birthday on the most special day of the year (the day we see the most fireworks in a day), I've decided to celebrate it earlier with a bunch of close friends. Nicole and YiWern were good enough to give me surprises with the party attendee and a special appearance of my "very close friend". They can really make me smile =D

Talking about party it will never be complete without a beer session! Heineken - one of my favourite beer for a great party =) But before that, I must make sure everybody fill their stomach before the party goes on!

Some of the awesome food that we've ordered @ Italiannies
The Spaghetti w Salmon is the best ;p

A bunch of close friends who able to attend today!
[Top-right] Ange, Shereena, my sweetheart, Cassandra and BlackSwan Nicole hahaha
[Bottom-right] Koko, Jack, always checkered shirt boy, Sarita, and Marshall posing #likeaboss
[Top-left] This is the special guest of the day "my very close friends" a.k.a. my dearest sister
I was really surprised to see her there. She came all the way just for me ;p

Birthday cake showed up!! Yeah you can guess how old I am through the candles

It is a tradition for birthday boy/girl to mouth-pick the candles. But it is a new tradition to have your friends to do it together! Well since so much candles on the cake, we had an idea of having everyone to pick out a candle by using mouth. Everyone was so sporting until...

Nicole start cheating by biting out the chocolate only

My first time picking out the candle which deeply stuck inside the Birthday Ice-cream Cake. I think I heard people shouted *ewwww* when I had the cake kissing my face. I also feel sorry for the cake ar...

Well well, at least my little creamy face able to make friends Laughed-Out-Loud and it totally worth it when I can make people feel happy nyahaha. The best damn thing is when you can have your loved one wipe your face with extra care *Awww~*

When I grow up..I wanna be like TianChad ...

A group picture before we go for second round!
Where the REAL PARTY held~

We went to Republic - Sexy Cocktail Bar which was just besides Italiannies

Republic, a bar that serve us Heineken in a sexy way
Thanks Ange for posing nyahaha

Ordered a few Heineken Beer Tower. Best served when it is cold =)

There's a reason why we order Heineken Beer Tower ;p

This is the trick you can play with Heineken Beer Tower. Challenge yourself to open tap, drink and swallow #likealousai! See how much you can drink!

Well, it was this fun ;p

Noticed the BIG jar that I had? It was a gift from Republic for my birthday!!

Now I can cheers with my buddy forthrightly with the BIG OktoberFest Mug that we have!
Thanks Republic for the gift ;p

With beer is fun, with beer+game is even more fun! This is the "Big Fish, Small Fish" game
Have you played before? It's really challenging!

The "Fingers Dancing" game

Glad that Heineken make the party merrier =)

We cheers

We "Yum Sheng" ++
*Holding Heineken Beer Tower like a winning trophy*

After finish we order more Heineken!!
Woot it's Merry Guinness season too! =D

It was really fun hanging out together with a bunch of close friends and feeling blessed. Especially when you know tons of girls through Biotechnology course.

Thought I am not doing Biotech related work now, but I will never regret study in this course because that's the place I met so many girls in one place. Hang out together for 3 years continuously in the uni or even after we graduate! [Well, I will never found my loved one if I wasn't studying biotech haha]

Thank you guys for coming again! Hope I will able to capture your precious moment in coming years! I mean your wedding la muahaha~

A signature pose by Nicole and friends ;p
Bye bye bunny years! Dragon year is coming soon!

"Heineken Christmas Tree"

Last but not least, thank you Heineken for making my party even merrier! If you wanna have a party just like me, make sure you get a some towers of Heineken!

PS: Thanks to friends who gave me birthday presents although it was still early =) Your appearance in this party is already a big gift for me! Wish everyone had a great time through this party.

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