Hebe 田馥甄 @ OverTime Pavilion, KL | Christmas Party 聖誕茶會音樂派對

田馥甄Christmas Party聖誕茶會音樂派對
時間:5.00PM(茶點時間 :3.00-4.30PM)
地點:Overtime Pavilion KL

Out of coincidence, I was at Pavilion KL for Christmas Photoshoot. After finish snapping photos of the Bear of different countries. I saw a group of security protecting a lady and I heard:

"It's Hebe, Hebe!".
She just passed by in front of me =)

So by following the fate and the flow, I just follow the lift to go Level 4 to Overtime @ Pavilion KL for "Hebe 田馥甄Christmas Party聖誕茶會音樂派對". There were already a big bunch of fans waiting outside Overtime and they were shouting when they saw her.

I tried to get passes in Overtime @ Hatten Square Melaka but they said need to go on specific day then only can redeem the passes. But well, I was destined to meet her in some way so tried my best to snap some photos of Hebe performing on stage.

The blue lighting in Overtime made Hebe looks pale and I was way behind the big crowd, with almost everyone with their smartphone, camera, video camera++ holding up high. I tried my best to capture as much pictures as possible and adjust back the white balance. Hope you guys like these photos!! =)

Immediately Hebe sing "My Love" after she went on stage. Kinda rushing till she didn't manage to use the earphone. However she was professional enough to sing live without it =)

田馥甄聖誕派對 - 進場 + My Love + 訪問 + 歌迷互動

Hebe 田馥甄 speaking

The crowd of the day were quite young =) Spot yourself !!

It was super crowded till some of them need to stand on the chair

Picking out 3 lucky fans to let them ask question personally.
"我朋友以后可以最你吗?" - "现在就可以追了啊"
"请问你下一张专辑还会以爱为主吗?" - "会"

One of the lucky fans, Shan Shan get up on stage. She was quite nervous to ask question by herself.


Another smile by Hebe 田馥甄

Framing through the hole


Direct eye contact? Harlo Hebe =)

As usual, all celebrity/artist that came to OverTime will need to have this "Poke the beer barrels" ceremony.

It was good that 大馬華研HIM Music Malaysia and other partner/sponsors who brought Hebe to Malaysia again for a close session with the fans. If you have missed out Hebe 田馥甄Christmas Party聖誕茶會音樂派對, try your best to see Hebe perform live at location below:

10 December 2011
Venue : Tunku Abdul Rahman College, Setapak Kuala Lumpur
Time : 8.30PM
Admission : Free (Need to obtain tickets from Overtime outlets)

11 December 2011
Venue : Batu Pahat Mall
Time : 2.00PM
Admission : Free (Need to obtain tickets from Overtime outlets)

Venue : Wisma Tiong-Hua (Level 8), JB, Johor
Time : 6.00PM
Admission : Free (Need to obtain tickets from Overtime outlets)

For more information :
大馬華研HIM Music Malaysia Official Website
大馬華研HIM Music Malaysia Facebook Page

PS: I was really there for Pavilion's Christmas Decoration Photoshoot =) Thanks Santa for the surprise!! Thanks OverTime @ Pavilion for having Hebe there too! If you wan't to see more pictures especially want to know which lucky fans get to ask Hebe questions personally stay tune at this space!!

Updates: Seems like there are some fans who are not satisfied with the mentioned Christmas Party as Hebe was in a rush and sang two songs only through out the whole party... I feel sorry for those who paid RM100/ea just to see Hebe perform live... But still, it is always better than nothing to see her in real person right? *positive thinking*
"从田馥甄‘音乐会’回来, 我只能说....haih...。 田馥甄的表演绝对是精彩的。 到底整个‘音乐会’ 在赶什么东西?匆匆忙忙唱两首歌,就说ByeBye了,这到底是什么音乐会?!菲比的表演比Hebe的还要长!Hebe刚进场的时候原本还要跟歌迷说说话,突然MyLove的音乐就进来了,Hebe还说:“Har?要唱歌啦?”
华研!我给RM100叻!你让田馥甄在台上唱两首歌,然后跟几个歌迷嘻嘻哈哈,然后就匆匆忙忙的走掉!我倒不如去签唱会更好!至少有三首歌, 还可以让Hebe签名和握手。 华研,真的,竟然Hebe的时间很不好调,很难来马来西亚,那竟然都抽到时间来了, 可不可以把活动办得有诚意一点?!?!!

我还是要说谢谢所有工作人员你们真的很Nice,辛苦了,但真的很失望很无言。 ‘Christmas Party 音乐会’..? 这活动名字骗了多少人?哈哈。 - Timmy Tan"
Are you satisfied to see Hebe 田馥甄 perform live in OverTime Pavilion? Please comment below:

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