Amber Chia Academy @ Berjaya Times Square Grand Launch [Part 1]

Grand Opening of Amber Chia Academy @ Berjaya Times Square & Amber Chia's 30th Birthday Celebration

It's my honour to be invited to this event as I can be one of the first person to step inside Amber Chia Berjaya Times Square and have chance to snap pictures of good looking people and of course talents who brought Malaysia Fashion to the next level. Now more and more Malaysian can achieve their modeling dream easier with the guides from local professionals =)

The huge crowd outside Amber Chia Academy Berjaya Times Square

Amber Chia, with Jimmy Choo among the crowd =)
ACA BTS is the fourth academy launched in Malaysia, with other academies being located at Jaya One (Petaling Jaya), Malacca, and Penang. Amber Chia's resolution for the year 2011 is to establish three academies in total by year end. Come today, she has exceeded her expectations with the grand opening of ACA BTS. Co-incidentally, to make this even more joyous occation, the grand opening is also in conjunction with Amber Chia's 30th Birthday Celebration, which falls on December 14th.

"I am sure that our presence will be felt even stronger than ever within the beauty and fashion industry as we provide such an excellent platform for learning of the creative arts," shared international model and actress Amber Chia.

Miss Malaysia World 2010/2011 Nadia Heng, international model and actress, Amber Chia, as well as catwalk guru Benjamin Toong opening speech before treating guests with fashion show and also makeup showcase by graduates as well as current students of ACA.

Notable alumni present included the recent winners of the:
  • Asia Model Festival Awards New Face Model Search 2011 - Wafa Johanna de Korte and Soo Xu Ze
  • Jaspal Fashionista 2011 - Kurt Chin
  • Eco International Model 2011 - Amanda Cheng
  • Amaze International Model 2011 - Sheena Liam
  • Mister Uberman Malaysia 2011 - Leon Long
  • Miss Malaysia Model of the World 2011 - Angelica Yap,
  • Roxy Model 2011- Cheryll Ho

If you weren't there during the launching of ACA @ Berjaya Times Square. I've tried my best to capture their precious moments and do feel free to see tons of photos of the models below:


What's the first thing in your mind  when you see the hair set up?
For me, it is Christmas coming!
Medusa with hair
Chocolate wonderland
Polka dot and tubes?
Like her pose

She has good face features. Matching makeup too


I can only name a few but it would be great if someone can give me a name list according to the pictures. I will be glad to help you guys out too =)



Josephine C

Kurt Chin

Josephine C

Tracy L

Anson L

Unbutton the coat
One of my favourite shot. With eye-contact and posture captured at the right time =)

What do you think about the pictures taken? I personally feel that the male models tends to act cool more than they smile. Whereas the female models will smile and acting cool too. There were tons of photographer that night and definitely there's not enough space for everyone of us. Therefore I've decided to choose the catwalk sideways and utilize the location as much as possible. Thanks to all models to look into the camera as eye contact is really a magical thing that add extra marks to the pictures.

If I somehow blocked/photobomb the photographer on the other side of the catwalk, sorry about that ya. Tried my best avoiding it as I also understand that kind of feeling where people blocking the view especially with the big ass flash gun haha.

PS: Since I took so much photos during the grand launch, the post will be separated to two post just to ease your bandwidth =) The pictures will be uploaded to my fanpage - TianChad @ 永遇乐 as well! The next post will have more catwalk photos and the people who make ACA another success. I have a few funny pictures of catwalk guru Benjamin Toong during Amber Chia 30th birthday session so stay tune on my next post!

This entire celebration is made possible by the generous sponsorship pf Senheng Electric, Samsung Malaysia, Pensonic, 3M (Pana G Sdn. Bhd.) Malaysia, Biosis, Prosense, Kronenbourg 1664, Spritzer, Secret recipe, and S2 Slimming.

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