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iPhone 4S Malaysia Launch [16 Dec 2011] with Celcom

It's time for Christmas~!! Remember to visit this stretch of Orchard Road if you are visiting Singapore this month =D You will be surprised with the awesome Christmas Trees and Christmas Decoration along the street~!

If you like chocolate, you will like this Christmas Tree by Ferrero Rocher~!
Imagine having one sweet and huge chocolate now~

This is the Christmas decoration at e@curve. I have so many Christmas wishes this year. Which one will be granted first?

Come on!! Where is the love? =P
I promise I will "爱" all the gifts that I receive in this holy month especially the last day of the year!! What presents to get for me? Please refer to my Christmas wishes this year AND below~

YOU can be the EARLIEST / 1st in Malaysia to get the iPhone 4S, from Celcom on 16th December 2011!!! Lookout on Celcom’s website as further details will be coming out soon!

You can makes my life become colourful like this Circle of Life Elephant. =D
White represent white iPhone 4s and white Christmas. Agree?

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