Amber Chia 30th Birthday Celebration @ ACA Berjaya Times Square

Continuing the previous post Amber Chia Academy @ Berjaya Times Square Grand Launch, there were champagne open ceremony and a birthday cake to celebrate Amber Chia's 30th Birthday Celebration, which falls on December 14th.

All the students and graduates of Amber Chia Academy are really tall =)
Let's continue with more fashion walk photos before I continue my photo stories. Again, feel free to share your profile/modeling pictures on my Facebook Page so I can recognize you and label the pictures accordingly with your name =)


External flash lights
This one look nicer with the flash. Portray the shining coat and pants

Kurt with little smile
Amber posing even when she was standing
Wafa super crisscross catwalk
Glimmering dress with the 'helo there' smile

The people behind this great ACA launch:

Makeup artist

Catwalk Guru Benjamin Toong
Benjamin has fans cheering for him!
One of the most happy model that did her catwalk awesomely with the kid
Brand new modeling courses specifically for kids as well as beauty courses on nail art will be introduced from next year onwards.

Amber Chia and her son Ashton being at the point of attention

Gorgeous hair showcase models with the poppers
A surprise birthday cake for Amber Chia *smile*
'Kronenbourg Brand Ambassador'

What's the age range of the models in ACA?
Dennis Lau popped the champagne while Benjamin still try to open and the ladies..haha
The most natural face expression of them all [Enjoy + surprise + scared]
At last Benjamin's champagne popped. Woops Amber was scared ;p
Amber was still trying to pop her champagne with the helper
I guess she is a kid model? #everydayIshuffling

Isaac Ong was there to support
Birthday Gift for Amber Chia by Pana G Sdn. bhd.

Prosense Gift Pack
Amber and Nadia


*I am sexy and I know it*
Sheena and James

Nadia Heng
Beatboxer champion Koujee (left) and singer Alexis Chean

Sunshine boy

Amber Chia, Kronenbourg Sponsor and Amber's husband

As Amber Chia Academy Berjaya Times Square is situated in a renowed shopping centre, ACA BTS will be in operations every day of the week and thus, weekend courses and classes will be offered. Additionally, besides the existing modeling, makeup, and photography courses, brand new modeling courses specifically for kids as well as beauty courses on nail art will be introduced from next year onwards. On top of that, extra-curricular workshops and activities on the performing arts - acting, singing, and dancing in particular - will also be made available in the near future.

Also, there is the makeup Advanced Korea Pro Makeup Association (KPMA) course, which is exclusively recognized and certified by Korea, through ACA's partnership with KPMA. KPMA is the leading south Korean Association for skilled professionals in the art of makeup, which has a strong body of over 50,000 members worldwide.

As the only academy offering such a course in Malaysia, not only will students graduate with a ACA certificate, but also a KPMA certificate, upon completion of the course. This recognition will automatically award graduates a membership into the vast KPMA network, where makeup artists have instant access to their fellow peers and also jobs from all over the world.

Amber Chia Academy @ Berjaya Times Square
No:08-58,08-59,08-60,8th Floor,
Berjaya Times Square,
Jalan Imbi,
55100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia·

T+0321418998 F+0321418798

Signing off with a picture of me & Amber Chia with her gorgeous red dress

Feel free to comment on my photos!! Let see if I will able to join the photography courses @ ACA =) More photo will be uploaded to TianChad @ 永遇乐.

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