Meet Faces of Life inspired [Li]: Jason Godfrey, Angelique Teo, Hannah Al Rashid & David Yee

In conjunction with its first anniversary in Malaysia, Life Inspired (Li) brought the four gems of Asia – Jason Godfrey from Hong Kong, Hannah Al Rashid from Indonesia, Angelique Teo from Singapore and David Yee from Malaysia – on an exclusive one-day tour to meet Malaysian media members in Kuala Lumpur.

[L-R] Jason Godfrey, Angelique Teo, Hannah Al Rashid, and David Yee

Li (Astro B.yond ch706), Asia’s first HD lifestyle television channel, has recently appointed four charismatic personalities in the region as faces to represent Li’s five pillars of aspirational living – Food, Home, Wellness, Travel and Style. The ambassadors are the host of Li’s two-minute vignettes called the ‘LINK’ which provides exclusive insights about the lifestyle trends across the Asian continent.

Date: Tuesday, 11 October 2011
Time: 3:00pm – 5:00pm
Venue: Sultan Lounge , The Mandarin Oriental Kuala Lumpur

The venue is kinda hidden in Mandarin Oriental and Sultan Lounge looks like a new wonder land for me. You will need to take lift to go to basement and get surprised.

Since I went there alone, decided to ask the PR along for photo together with the backdrop =)

Anne Chan, General Manager of Li TV Asia said “We aim to provide a more diversified range of lifestyle programs for our loyal viewers. We believe that through the unique personalities of our lifestyle ambassadors, their passion and inspirations, we will be able to inspire our audience the best of Asian lifestyles.

I’d like to sincerely thank our viewers, as well as Astro, for all the support we have received so far. We have enjoyed a good year, and it is my promise to all our viewers that next year will be even more exciting,” she added.

Emcee of the day - Joanne De Rozario
Also the host for Ntv7 The Breakfast Show

Speech by Datuk Vincent lee, Executive Deputy Chairman of The Star Publications
Gotta say he has a nice suit =)

Let's introduce all the faces of Li [Life Inspired]:

Angelique Teo - Singapore’s Face of Li
"She stepped into the limelight after winning Singapore’s inaugural New Paper New Face competition. Seven successful years of modeling followed before she moved on to television hosting, where her versatility has seen her fronting everything from edutainment shows to a daily sports program, with her most recent stint being the presenter of a travel programme filmed across the Asia Pacific region. The Pan-Asian beauty also produced and presented a radio programme, which showcased only the best trends in the world of luxury and finer living. Angel's witty, charming personality has established her popularity as a host for events in Singapore, the Asia-Pacific region and the Middle-East. "

"Big Smile No Teeth" - Jason Godfrey
Well Jason has great teeth with great smile =)
Check out his corner to know what is the meaning

Jason Godfrey - Hong Kong’s Face of Li
"His successful modeling career has brought him to Europe, Australia, Asia, and Africa. Even while gracing runways and the covers of top magazines worldwide, the University of Waterloo graduate with a degree in Environmental Studies has never lost his love of the outdoors and thirst for adventure as a certified diver and expert rock climber. His gradual transition from modeling into hosting began with him co-hosting a live broadcast of the Oscars, which led him to sign on as a host for Li and a slew of other television programmes. "

Hannah Al Rashid - Indonesia’s Face of Li
"She graduated from the prestigious School of Oriental and African Studies at the University of London. The skilled Pencak Silat martial artist also represented the United Kingdom in internationally renowned tournaments for over 5 years. Hannah has worn many hats: a VJ for an international music channel, a presenter at the Anugerah Planet Music Awards, and host of popular travel show in Indonesia, Koper dan Ransel. The Bugis-French beauty has starred in the music videos of top Indonesian artistes, been featured in Indonesia’s fashion magazines, and fronted many commercials. "

The happy faces of Li when David Yee did a stunt during the introduction. Jumping from the stairs yo! Luckily he is safe and somehow entertained Jason the most.

David Yee - Malaysia’s Face of Li

"He has a passion for style and design. An Australian native of mixed heritage, David had a successful modeling career in Sydney before moving to Singapore, which saw him star in major advertising campaigns. As the host of Showbuzz, an entertainment programme, he interviewed Hollywood’s hottest celebrities for two years. Though his day job as Marketing Manager for a design college in Kuala Lumpur keeps him busy, the multi-tasker remains popular as an event host and commercial talent. "

So here are all the Faces of Li Angelique Teo, Jason Godfrey, Hannah Al Rashid, and David Yee with Anne Chan, the GM of Li. Noticed the way how Jason hold his mic? Interesting.

So as usual Malaysia Media are either shy or just wanna have their questions answered personally through exclusive interview and keep the news for their own media. Well I decided to ask a random question and let see how they answered it =)

It is about roti canai, traffic, people and funny scene of them teasing each other. That's the Faces of Li when they are together =) Watch the video below!

All four Faces of Li (Jason Godfrey, Angelique Teo, Hannah Al Rashid, and David Yee) together with Anne Chan, Datuk Vincent Lee and Henry Tan (COO of Astro)

We asked for some casual and fun poses for photoshoot and I know that Hannah is the most outgoing person among them. They do have lots of idea but maybe due to certain limitations they show the formal poses after all.

If I can go Bali with Hannah as the tour guide it would be rocking fun haha

Well I can't miss the chance of taking photo together with four awesome people in one same place. How I wish I am a well-spoken person too so that I can emcee/hosting a travel & lifestyle show just like them!

Evelyn also took a photo together with the gorgeous four
Jason and Angelique were so kind to lower their height ;p

After that it was time for us to mingle around.
A photo of people enjoying the food and beer with friends

Finger food which were finely served to us. I like the asparagus contained dishes

Cheese matched with sweet stuff. Igniting the taste buds for sure.

Helped Lainey to take photo with her favourite face of Li - Jason Godfrey

So there it goes, Lainey returned the favour
Jason told me to do some fun pose because I told them to do it earlier during the group shot.

Well, here's a good one. Tiny TC with masculine Jason

David Yee, Angelique Teo and Sidney

As Li continues to produce more original content, viewers can expect an unorthodox gastronomic experience, starting with the premiere of Li’s second original production – The Maverick Chef on November 13, led by an unconventional, Asian rock-and-roll Michelin-starred chef – Alvin Leung. Every episode, the Maverick Chef flies Alvin to a different and exciting Asian city – Hong Kong, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta, Bangkok and Taipei – where he will sample and learn more about the country’s iconic dishes, and continues with re-inventing his own versions of the cuisine by his specialty – food deconstruction and reinvention.

Li is available on Astro B.yond Channel 706 from 9pm to 9am. For further information, please visit To upgrade to Astro B.yond call 1-300-82-3838 or visit

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